Back on the road

2008 July 28
by Hedon

Well they got the truck fixed this morning. I say fixed. Really its not right, but it is obviously as good as he was able to get it. At least we have cold air in the cab of the truck. Kinda.

Its 01:00 and Stace is trying to nap while we wait to get loaded. She has this amazing power. We can show up at a shipper and let’s say they tell us to pull into a holding area and wait until they are ready to load us. We might wait two hours. Or four or even six hours. Or maybe we’ve just delivered a load and we’re waiting for info on our next load. Whatever the setup, Stace can force something to happen merely by climbing up on the top bunk to nap. Its kinda scary.

Tonight for example, we showed up at the shipper, checked in, and settled down to wait. There were trucks in line in front of us so we knew it would be a while. We had a snack, vacuumed the carpet, oiled the driver’s seat, put some things away and still nothing. At that point we had been there more than an hour. So Stace says she’s going to take a short nap. She moves the stuff that rides on the top bunk and climbs up there. I swear she wasn’t in that bunk 90 seconds when the yard dog drives by telling me to hit the dock. 90 seconds! Its creepy.

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