Not just whistling Dixie…

2008 July 31
by Hedon

…or anything else apparently. Recent conversation in the truck:

Hedon:  Damn that Pilot!

Stace:  What’s wrong?

Hedon:  Now I have that song stuck in my head thanks to the Pilot. It was playing while I was fueling.

Stace:  What song?

Hedon (incredulously):  The one I’ve been whistling all afternoon.

Stace (kindly): Oh honey, you haven’t been whistling any song.

Hedon:  Yes I have.

Stace:  You’ve been going (in a monotone) dum duh duh duh. duh-duh duh duh. Over and over again.

Hedon:  I know. Its “Dancing Queen” by Abba.

Stace:  How is that “Dancing Queen?”

Hedon:  You know that part toward the end that sounds like dum duh duh duh. duh-duh duh duh.

Stace:  If you say so.

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