That’s how we roll

2008 August 4
by Hedon

I can be somewhat of a doofus. And occasionally I go through these spells where for some unknown reason I suddenly start feeling like I’m cool. Fonzie-type cool. Or whoever is the Fonzie of today. You know what I mean. Ok… secretly I almost always think I’m cool but usually I can keep it contained. Sometimes it just bursts out.

A while back I started saying “that’s how we roll in the big-truck” whenever I did something particularly fun or cool like cut around a tight corner perfectly or squeeze into a particularly tight parking space with ease. I don’t know where “that’s how we roll” came from, but it was suddenly a fun new part of my vocabulary that was popping out a lot. Because I’m just that cool.

So we were picking up an empty trailer at our company’s yard outside some major city that shall not be named for job security reasons. I had hooked to the new trailer, slid the tandems, and was taking a moment to do my log book.

I was working on my log book and congratulating myself on how fast we were going to get out of the yard when Stace said out of the blue, “We’re rolling.”

I thought that she was commenting on how fast everything was going. Probably because that’s what I was thinking about. So I said in my head, “That’s right, baby. That’s how we roll in the big truck.”

She said a little more forcefully, “We’re rolling.”

Finishing up my log book, I thought how cute it was that she wasn’t getting the phrase correct. Obviously, she wasn’t as hip or cool as I was. But aloud I just added, “In the big truck.”

Immediately she said quite loudly, “We! Are! Rolling!!!”

I realized I was going to have to explain the correct usage of the phrase to her since she obviously just wasn’t going to get it on her own. Looking up I said, “Man you are so lucky you have me to help you… HOLY SHIT…  WE’RE ROLLING!” Literally rolling. Across the parking lot. I stomped on the brakes with the nose of the truck about three feet from the trailer we were seconds away from rolling into.

I looked back at Stace in the bunk. “Why didn’t you say something?”

2 Responses
  1. 2008 August 6

    Ha Ha! What a dumb ass! Forgot to pull the brakes did you?

  2. 2008 August 31

    This is GREAT!!! LOVE you guys!!!!

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