Stupid Gilligan

2008 August 7
by Stace

Many years ago, a friend told me a cute story about her daughter. One day her daughter came stomping downstairs from her room where she had been watching television. Her daughter was terribly angry, and muttering loudly. When my friend asked her what was wrong, her daughter threw her hands in the air and cried, “That stupid Gilligan!”

Apparently, she had been watching “Gilligan’s Island,” and as always, that dumb first mate had once again screwed up everyone’s chances of being rescued from the island. I could understand my friend’s daughter’s anger, since I used to feel the same way when I was young.

So the other day I was driving along, listening to the XM and marveling once again at some of the stupid things people do and care about, and the story of that friend’s daughter popped into my mind. And all I could think was how I wish I had been at the friend’s house that day, so I could have consolingly patted the girl on the head and said, “We have to face it, honey. The world is full of Gilligans.”

3 Responses
  1. 2008 August 8

    It would be better it the wolrd was full of Mary Ann’s.

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  2. 2008 August 19

    Woo Hooo Mary Ann!

  3. 2008 August 19

    I liked that Professor. He was hot.

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