Trucker Tip #3

2008 August 9
by Stace

Do you know the distance it takes a fully-loaded 18-wheeler traveling at 55 mph to come to a complete stop? Longer than a football field. Okay, I don’t remember the exact number of feet, and I don’t feel like looking up the answer because that’s boring and I have a low boredom threshold.  But trust me when I tell you it’s a really really long way. At least as long as a football field.

Please, please, please, all you four-wheelers out there, try to think of this the next time you pull out right in front of a big truck. We don’t want to run right over you. Really, we don’t. The problem is, we may not be able to stop the truck. When you pass a big truck, don’t pull back over into the right lane until there is plenty of space between you and the truck (people from Michigan, I’m seriously talking to you right now, since you are the worst offenders of this sort of thing). If you zip back over in front of the truck with only a few feet to spare, what do you think is going to happen if you should suddenly lose control of your vehicle, like if you blew a tire or something? There is no way the truck could avoid running right over you. Always be aware of space when you pull out in front of a big truck. Remember to use your signals and don’t brake abruptly.

Please, please, please, all you truckers out there, try to think of this the next time you’re tailgating a four-wheeler who isn’t driving as fast as you’d like. Just because they’re slowpokes, doesn’t mean they deserve to be run over. Really, they don’t. You, of all people on the road, should know that there is no way you could stop in time if that four-wheeler somehow lost control or hit their brakes. Their blood would be on your hands for the rest of your life, the life you will spend in prison, enjoying the attentions of your new big scary boyfriend.

So, truckers, watch those four-wheelers out there and keep trying your best to protect them from themselves. And four-wheelers, the next time a trucker tailgates you, get out of his/her way as safely and quickly as you can, even if it goes against your grain to be bullied.  The principle of the thing isn’t worth your life.

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