I hate Uriah

2008 August 11
by Hedon

Just thought I would take a minute to repeat how very very much we hate our dispatcher, Uriah. We have been out four weeks now. We are supposed to be home tomorrow at noon. It is now 17:00. We live in southern Missouri and we are sitting in Connecticut. Our truck goes 68 mph. Anybody want to attempt the math?

But wait… as if that wasn’t stupid enough… we are supposed to go up into MA to pick up a load going to Virginia. Now I can hear some of you thinking, “Hey Hedon, I thought Missouri was far far to the west of Connecticut not due south.” To which I would reply that you are now over-qualified to be our dispatcher. Maybe if you smoked a lot of crack and tried some of the more dangerous stunts from Jackass you could kill enough brain cells to become our dispatcher.

I’m not saying all dispatchers are stupid. I’m sure there are some very smart, very good people out there in the dispatching field. I’m just saying our dispatcher is a numb-nuts idiot who couldn’t think his way past the $200 question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. You know the question that is normally about the level of, “Blue is a: A) taste B) shape C) color D) Rick James”

I just hate him so very, very much.

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