2008 August 16
by Stace

I don’t know whether or not I’m going to vote this year. I’ve voted in all presidential elections since I have been legally able, but this year, oh, I don’t know, I’m thinking about skipping it.

Because chances are pretty good that we won’t be home on election day, we always vote an absentee ballot. I found out after the last election, that they don’t even count absentee ballots, unless it’s a “close” race. To my knowledge, it’s never “close” enough to count the absentee ballots. So my vote basically doesn’t count. What the hell’s with that?! Why even bother?

Also, I’m extremely apathetic about this year’s presidential candidates. McCain or Obama. Whatever. I know for sure I would have voted if Hillary had won the nomination. Okay, so maybe Hill is just another sellout lifetime politician, but I like her, and it’s just so ground-breaking — the real chance for a woman to be president.

A lot of people act like it’s ground-breaking if Obama were elected president, obviously because of race. But I don’t see it that way. The real truth is that Colin Powell already broke that ground. We all know that if he had run for president eight years ago, he would have won easily. It is only by his refusal to run that he does not own the historical honor of being first black president. To me, that takes away the whole ground-breaking aspect of Obama’s election.

McCain or Obama. A moderate, rather boring Republican and a Democrat who made a good speech four years ago. Sigh. And my vote doesn’t count. And the older I get, the less it all seems to matter. I mean, if we survived GW, we can survive anything.

It’s going to be hard to drag myself to the county courthouse this year.

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  1. 2008 October 8
    Belledog permalink

    Please please please vote this year. For Obama. He will surprise you by being better than you think. You will have to trust me there.

    But make your vote count! Absentee voters rock!!

  2. 2008 October 9

    Yeah, I later decided I would vote for Obama after McCain named Palin as his VP. Since then, reasons galore have popped up to assure that I’ll cast that absentee ballot for Obama.

    I was shocked the other day when Hedon showed me one of those poll maps and I saw that Missouri, my home state, was blue! I thought I’d never see that color on my state again. Of course, it ain’t over yet.

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