Heading out again

2008 August 22
by Hedon

Well its finally time to hit the road. We had extra time off this month because the truck had to go into the shop again. We knew we were developing an exhaust leak, but had no idea how bad it had gotten until we got home. You know how when something changes slowly a little everyday you don’t much notice it? Then when you’re away from it for a while you’re like, “wow! that’s different” when you come back. That was our exhaust leak.

I thought we were in such good moods last month because we were having so much fun starting up the blog and writing for each other. Apparently, we were also inadvertently huffing exhaust fumes. That might explain all the giggling.

Crap — now we’re going to get out here this month with all this clean, non-stinky, chemical-free air and not be able to think of anything to write about. Something exciting had better happen quickly.

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