The Maggie Effect

2008 August 28
by Stace

Maggie has a curious effect on people. She can prompt the most amazing gushing of affection from some of the most hard-assed-looking people you’ve seen.

Just today, we were in the fuel island at a truck stop and Maggie was hanging her head out of the passenger window as usual. I was getting my log book up to date when I heard in a very high pitch:

“Ooochi boochi gitchy doggie? Wootchie meechie poochie woogie woogie! Yes, wootchie woogi! Thas wight, wootchie moochie bootchi gitchie …”

And so on. I wasn’t surprised, since this happens more often than you might imagine. I looked over at the truck next to us. Sure enough, another big burly trucker had been caught up in The Maggie Effect. Honestly, I doubt this fellow speaks this much baby talk to his grandkids. He carried on this “conversation” for quite a long while as Maggie pranced and wagged and panted.

Maybe it’s because Maggie is a hunting dog that she prompts so much love talk from otherwise surly male truckers. She reminds them of home, I suppose. We get asked a lot if we “hunt her.” And when we tell them that we don’t, we get this look that says we’re big losers who are wasting a fine pure bred huntin’ dog.

Also, Maggie does everything in her power to lure them in. Batting her big brown eyes, wagging her tail so hard her whole butt wags, scratching at the window like a nut. She just loves being petted by strangers. Okay, she’s a tramp.

I enjoy that all these strangers get a kick out of Maggie, and that she gets a kick out of them in return. I just wish these people would quit telling me about the beagle they once owned who they miss to this day, and who died some hideous death. Yeah, I could do without that last part.

Anyway, if you have a care for your personal dignity, you’d best stay away from our truck. The Maggie Effect will take you down. Ooochi goochie goo.

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