Way to go Uriah!

2008 September 23
by Hedon

Map of our routes home in the last two months

Well! I don’t know if any of you remember my account of the trials and travails involved in getting home last month, but if you do you might remember that I was a little peeved with our dispatcher, Uriah. He sent us all over the country when we were already going to be late getting home.

This month was a different story. We were supposed to get home on Monday. We had a load heading to Missouri — granted not anywhere near home but at least to the right state — and delivering on Tuesday morning. Not bad — especially for They Who Must Not Be Named. But as if that wasn’t impressive enough, first thing Monday morning Uriah called and wanted us to trade loads with another driver. <sigh> What now? OMG! The new load delivered 30 minutes from the house as fast as we could get it there!

So we took the new load, delivered it, and got home only eight hours late! Its like a little tiny miracle. Oh, nothing as good as NewBalance shoes… but still it’s pretty damned awesome. Let’s hear it for Uriah!

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  1. 2008 September 24

    lol! talk about a crazy driver’s life…that’s some milage you two rack up there. I’d like to know how you ended up with the red line out there in the Caribbean though? :)

  2. 2008 September 24

    What a guy!

  3. 2008 September 24


    Well that driving around in the Caribbean can sometimes happen if you are really cream of the crop drivers like Stace and me. See what happens is your dispatcher will call you up saying, “We’ve got a load of wine we need delivered to a yacht off the coast of Jamaica right away. Can you do it for us?”

    Now it’s tempting to try to explain how it can’t be done due to physics, laws of natural science, and the mechanics of the internal combustion engine, not to mention biology… but they whine so much in the end you just go ahead and deliver the damned wine.

  4. 2008 September 28
    Michele permalink

    I love it when you are heading home and they send you to the other end of the country!! How does going 2000 miles away from your house get you there the next day? The joys of trying to figure out your dispatcher.
    But he does have a cool name.. do you ask him what he did to the ranchers daughter?
    Damn now I have that song going through my head….

  5. 2008 September 30


    Nah — I gave him that name to protect the… innocent.

    But before him our dispatcher’s name was Kenny Loggins. We were always laughing about that. Then Stace got confused and called him Rod Stewart for a while. :)

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