Damn spammers

2008 September 24
by Hedon

The spammers are hitting us really hard in the past couple of days so we’re finally having to add a CAPTCHA to the comment form. Sorry.

For what it’s worth I looked around to find one you could feel good about using. This reCAPTCHA version is from Carnegie Mellon University. They are trying to digitize books written before the computer age. It seems like several good groups are working toward the goal of trying to digitize the entire history of the written word. I’m all for that.

Anyway, when they scan these old books photographically and try to turn them into text, some of the words can’t be read by the computer. This reCAPTCHA uses those words and basically gets the human world to explain how those words should be spelled. Once enough people agree on the correct spelling, the words are re-inserted into the original texts by Carnegie Mellon.

I will say that I have had trouble reading a couple of the words myself. But you can just hit that reload button and get a new set if you can’t make the first one out.

So anyway, sorry about having to have a CAPTCHA at all. But thanks for helping to protect the blatherings of the past from slipping away into obscurity.

If you want to read more about their program go here.

12 Responses
  1. 2008 September 24

    I will test out this CAPTCHA.

    I would also add that I’m glad to see you two are finally contributing something worthwhile to the world instead of your usual — constantly talking about bowel movements and making fun of hideous illnesses.

  2. 2008 September 24

    LOL Bowel movements! You’re killing me.

  3. 2008 September 24

    Why, that Muffin…honestly.

    Yah, well sometimes I don’t get the words myself, but then I just asks for some new ones.

  4. 2008 September 24

    I will do anything necessary to be allowed to comment on your blog. I’ll even stand (well, while I’m sitting, of course) on one foot and tie (well, imagine it’s tied) one arm behind my back while I close one eye and input my CAPTCHA.

    I actually never knew there was an “official” word for that.

    My CAPTCHA word is: helpful BARCLAY

    Does that mean my entry is case sensitive? Hmmmm.

  5. 2008 September 24

    Oh, but this one is even better: Motorman Untangle.

    Gee – this refresh thing could be kinda fun.

    Again: GRAPE starvation

    Again: Churchgoers 190th (is that like a Union? – “Yeah, uh, I belong to the Churchgoers 190th”)

    Again: Slang supplies (Say THAT five times fast. Hell, try to say it ONCE.)

    And the one I’ll be using: VANQUISH religion

  6. 2008 September 25


    Muffin is such an untight bitch… we can’t stand her. :)

  7. 2008 September 25


    Ok you were making it sound so fun that I had to go into the Admin panel and change my settings. I did have it set so that I didn’t have to do it when I comment, but then you made it sound so fun I wanted to do it, too.

    It’s going to be hard to beat VANQUISH religion though.

  8. 2008 September 25

    If you are using WordPress as your platform, try the Akismet plugin (available for free over at WordPress) which is absolutely amazing. And it stops the need for people having to type in a word.

    I have a copy I can send you if you like? :)

  9. 2008 September 25

    Hi Alex,

    I do have the Akismet activated so the comments never made it onto the site thank goodness, but in 24 hours I had to delete over a hundred different versions of “Hot celebrity nude photos” comments which were clogging up our server.

    I mean honestly… hot celebrity nude photos? Who wants to see that first thing in the morning? And if I didn’t click on the first 65 links you sent me what makes you think I’ll be unable to resist that 66th one? Does this ever work for anybody?

    Oh well.

  10. 2008 September 28
    Michele permalink

    Hey Hedon,
    CAPTCHA is fun and I like being able to refresh if I don’t like my words. And, I can contribute to society. YAY!

    And I think Muffy’s ponytails are a bit tight. If she would let her hair down she might have some fun.

    As to Billy Bob, didn’t we run into him while we were out together… he sounds so familiar.(grin)

    Keep up the good work, I love you two.


  11. 2008 September 30


    :) I can’t imagine why Billy Bob is ringing a bell with you…

  12. 2008 October 1

    By the way everybody, if you’re happy that I eventually became the virtual fount of trucking information you know and love… or at the very least you’re happy I don’t tailgate you while pulling a fully-loaded trailer… Michele from the comment above is the one to thank. She was my trainer seven years ago when I was so green the idea of parking at a Flying J made my knees shake with terror.

    She was an excellent trainer who started me down the path to real trucking knowledge. The path to trucker-god-hood. The path to all-powerful-supreme-being-hood. Well, maybe not that last one so much, but she did teach me how to park at a Flying J. And thanks to her solid training I’ve been driving seven years now and never “bumped anything” or gotten a moving violation. Well and good luck certainly hasn’t hurt either.

    Anyway, thanks Michele.

    CAPTCHA: ready-to-wear Loops… what all the really well-dressed hookers will be wearing up on the point this year.

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