Tagged like a rabid monkey in a quiet cul-de-sac

2008 October 14
by Hedon
Written by: Hedon and Stace

First let me say, “Why would you only tag a rabid monkey running wild on a quiet cul-de-sac? I think I would have done more than just tag it… like maybe catch it or something, but then I’m not the one in power now am I?” Stace would like to add, “What the hell is that stupid title supposed to mean, anyway? And what the hell are you talking about? What monkey?” But she’s not in power, either, so I guess we will never know. So many questions that will never be answered. Oh well.

Decorina over at Decorina and Skylar tagged us to fess up about some of the stranger aspects of Hag-life. I had to go over to her site to see what the rules were so I would know how many I could break without getting nailed by the tagging police… ok… I admit I go over to her site everyday anyway, but this makes it sound like I was acting with purpose not just surfing. Anyway, here are the rules:

  • Link to Decorina and list the rules on your blog (check)
  • Share seven facts about yourselves on your blog — some random and some weird (check)
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blog (see below)
  • Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog (take my word for it)

Some weird and random facts about Hedon and Stace… though mostly weird… but not at all rabid:

1. Stace’s father was a professional musician, so she spent many hours in bars as a kid. Hedon has always been an entrepreneur at heart and started her first business at age 11, complete with home-made business cards.

2. Hedon is double-jointed on top, and Stace is double-jointed on bottom; if they could be spliced together, they’d be a fabulous circus act.

3. Stace likes to eat Campbell’s Alphabet Soup with slices of Armor’s Vienna Sausages added, a combo which Hedon finds appalling. Hedon has a complicated system of what foods can and cannot touch each other when arranged on the same plate, which Stace finds silly and quite possibly obsessive-compulsive, but in a cute way.

4. Hedon’s favorite clothes are socks. Stace couldn’t care less about clothes.

5. In high school, Stace was a member of a state championship basketball team. When Hedon was in high school, she played the baritone in a state championship marching band which was invited to march in Ronald Reagan’s inaugural parade, among other honors.

6. Both Hedon and Stace are competent in the realm of gadgets, but both have had their stupid moments. Once, when trying to program a new answering machine, Hedon madly yelled the current time at it for five minutes before she finally realized the time had to be entered by manually pushing the buttons. Once, Stace sat on hold for over an hour (on a non-800 number), waiting for customer service to tell her why her scanner wasn’t working. While waiting, she kept fiddling with the machine, and discovered that the reason why nothing was coming up on the screen was because she had failed to the put the picture in the scanner. She promptly hung up. D’oh!

7. Many years ago, both Hedon and Stace called in sick to work so they could continue playing a video game that was at a crucial moment in the game’s storyline. Stace felt guilty. Hedon did not.

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13 Responses
  1. 2008 October 14

    Spooky, I was just about to comment on this one to say I’ll take up the challenge and…I had the black screen of death. No, not blue as in Window’s Blue Screen of Death, but the very rarely seen, Mac’s black screen. Oh my, talk about heart skipping a beat kind of thing!

    Phew! All is apparently well, I just did a systems check on my iBook. I have no idea what scared the hell out of it…me divulging secrets? Do I have any left? Stop by the blog to find out. :)

  2. 2008 October 14

    Not a fan of the cul de sac myself, but getting that rabid monkey back in the bottle…well, that’s just like baying at the dark side of the moon. I knew I loved you guys for a reason…

  3. 2008 October 14

    I feel like I just got a peek into the pandora’s box (ha! box *snickers*) that is Hag Haven. or heaven, whichever.


  4. 2008 October 14

    I have a few comments:

    1. What kind of business does an 11 year old start needing business cards?

    2. Stace’s soup & weenie combination is disgusting (Sorry, Stace) and the things not touching on your plate while you eat thing is also a little weird (Sorry, Hedon) – I think I’m REALLY going to have to reconsider having you two over for dinner! :)

    3. Are socks really considered “clothes”?

    4. I’m with both of you on calling in sick to work for stupid reasons, but I side with Hedon as far as the guilt part – I never had ANY.

    Great list – I’ll have mine up probably in the next few days. My angst comes from tagging seven other people. Ack!

  5. 2008 October 14

    The dirty deed is done. :)

  6. 2008 October 15


    Gack! The black screen of death. As a Mac user, I’m having sympathetic crash pains. Glad it worked out.

    That makes me think of something we could have had on the list. I’m a Mac (MacBook Pro) and Hedon’s a PC (Dell XPS). I have way cooler commercials.

    And Selena, don’t knock the soup and wienies until you’ve tried it. Just be sure to pour off all the pickling juice from the sausages before you add them (damn, that sounds gross even to me).

    I’ll leave the rest of your questions to Hedon, the sock lover. :-)

  7. 2008 October 15

    Chat Blanc,

    You, Missy, should seriously consider yourself lucky that I happen to know you were just tagged over at Wit’s Bitch a little over two weeks ago or your name would have been on that list. As it was, I decided to let you off easy cause that’s just how I roll with the being all thoughtful and all…

  8. 2008 October 15


    Yeah… damn monkeys… on a cul-de-sac no less…

  9. 2008 October 15


    1. It was a lawn mowing business and I went all around the neighborhood handing out my retarded-looking little business cards. (You may have noticed that I have no artistic talents) Most of the old ladies that hired me probably did it because they thought I was some sort of special person or something. I may do a whole post about all my many businesses over my early years…

    2. Vienna sausages ARE disgusting and then she cuts them up and floats them in soup. Ugh! My food thing on the other hand is perfectly normal… it’s just kinda complicated as far as which foods are allowed to touch each other pre-mouth. For instance take mashed potatos and gravy — it’s perfectly cool for the gravy to touch green beans but completely not cool for it to wander over onto corn. Corn is seriously not a gravy-acceptable food. Simple, huh?

    3. I hope socks are clothes because they are the only item of clothing I give a shit about. They have to be mens’ 100% cotton white crew socks… and the newer the better. As a matter of fact, one of my fantasies about winning the powerball is that I would never wear a pair of socks twice. As far as everything else goes, I just go to the big-man store twice a year and buy whatever my gay sales-guy picks out for me.

    4. I mean honestly! We probably aren’t sick three times a decade. I don’t see why wussies who are sick all the time should get to stay home and play Zelda when I have to leave in the middle of the final castle. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

  10. 2008 October 15

    Baby, I just got oft the duble shift at the Pink Pony and boy are my legs wobbly! Sorry I am so late in gettin’ here y’all but I had to work my day job too. Lawrd knows I ain’t complainin’ bout all them good tips. I am truly blessed. I gone git on this tomorrow post haste. Lookin’ forward to meetin’ some new folks… I could sure ’nuff use me a fresh face or two round this trailer. Thanks again, Hon. And y’all come see me.

  11. 2008 October 16

    Socks can be considered clothes when you wear nothing but them, right?

    About the weener soup, eh why not, you never know until you tried. Afterall some people eat marmite and garlic, so…The gravy vs. corn explanation confirmed what I thought. Gravy is not real food, it poisons the brain, kills neurons and make people crazy.

    Extra points for using “Cul-de-sac” (litterally ass of a bag.. *grin*)

  12. 2008 October 18

    I did it!!! Now everbody race to see who is it next. Thanks again!

  13. 2008 October 20


    Thanks for the extra points. Does this mean, when she’s barking like crazy, I can call Maggie the cul-de-truck and pretty much get my point across in two languages?


    Good job! Now get back to work over there.

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