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2008 November 10
by Hedon

Amazingly we are still at home. It’s a true sign of how the economy is doing that They-who-must-not-be-named (TWMNBN) has so little freight they aren’t even bitching about the fact that we’ve been home a total of 10 days now. We were supposed to head back out on Friday but we had to put the brand new truck in the shop on Thursday and they didn’t get it done until late Sunday night. Obviously, if you’ve read more than like four posts here in Hag-land, you know that we didn’t mind in the least sitting at home waiting all weekend to get the truck back. We finally got the call this morning that the truck was finished. After we picked it up, I called dispatch to let him know we could head out whenever he needed. That’s when the universe as we know it flipped upside down…

When I assured Uriah, our dispatcher, that — as usual – we were in no hurry to head out from home… Uriah actually said, “that’s why you guys are my favorite team.” What? WE are Uriah’s favorite team?

Hedon at home

Hedon at home

I guess things are pretty bad at TWMNBN and freight is really seriously down right now. Uriah said that most of his teams are all over him all the time for more miles and he just doesn’t have any miles to give them. But we never — ever — complain about sitting around or ask him for more miles. That’s why we’re suddenly the new darling team of his board.

Hurrah!! Finally the chronically lazy have their day in the sun! So we may be heading out in the morning… or maybe not! Oh it’s all so very exciting. I have to admit that I’m actually ready to head back out but somehow it seems un-Hedon-like to not cheer lustily for the stay-at-home-one-more-day possibility. There is just so much more tv to watch and jeer in the next 24 hours. Already this time home I’ve watched a show where female porn starts are competing in a reality show to prove they can run a legitimate business.

And we watched a marathon of another show where budding “actresses” are trying to win a part in the horror movie “Saw 6″ by competing in a reality show and screaming a lot while over-acting and back-stabbing the other women. But I think one of my favorite shows this time home was a handful of washed-up D-list celebrities competing to earn their own reality show on Fox Reality Channel. The ones I recognized were Kato Kaelin, that woman who was once married to Danny Bonaduce, and that Bingham girl with the really huge boobs who was on “Surreal Life” a couple seasons ago. I mean seriously? Does anybody really give a shit? I guess they must cause Fox said they got lots of votes for the finale. In case you’re burning with curiosity… the Bonaduce woman won her own show. I hope it’s on the air before we get home next month.

Will we head out tomorrow? Stay home another day and waste even more time watching crappy tv? Stay tuned…


Funny cat photo copyright gillicious’ at Flicker. She has some funny pics over there so go check her out.

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  1. 2008 November 11
    Belledog permalink

    Wow. Seriously scary about the freight declining so precipitously. Delighted you are enjoying the hometime, though. Plz keep us posted on other economic indicators you see out there.

    And happy trails once you’re rolling again.

  2. 2008 November 11

    Yeah, we own a service business (window cleaning). And man business is sucky. It’s bad all over. (what pisses me off even more is all these big ass companies sucking up bailout money and then partying like rock stars)

    Good luck, happy trails and stay safe on the road!

  3. 2008 November 12

    Well at least your not sittin at home layed off like I am bud, I drive an end dump in the construction industry…when theres any work.

  4. 2008 November 13

    Yeah it’s obvious the economy really is in the crapper right now. We have gone through spells before when the-powers-that-be were saying things were bad but we never saw any indication of it.

    I think movement of freight is a really good rule of thumb measure of how the economy is doing. Last year at this time they were running us to death, but this year it’s dead. We should be smack in the middle of the Christmas rush, but there’s nothing going on at all.

  5. 2008 November 13


    Hey man! I drove a dump truck for about a year for a landscaping company before I headed OTR. I hear you on being laid-off. With them it was a case of you didn’t work if it rained, you barely worked in the winter, you didn’t work on Monday if the guys got drunk Friday afternoon and forgot to move the loader and hoe over to the new jobsite…

    Ugh! We weren’t even keeping our heads above water while I worked for them. That’s the main reason I went OTR when I did — didn’t think I could take another winter of working 2 days a week.

    Hang in there.

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