Economy has recovered. Let’s go eat.

2008 November 30
by Hedon

Remember a while back when I posted that we were worried about the economy because for the first time in six years we weren’t getting any miles?  Well screw that  –  the economy is all better now. You all should be seeing the effect of the recovery any day. For the past week it’s been all drive here… then drive there…

There was even a brief spell while we were in Laredo when I’m convinced they were trying to get us to deliver a load down into Mexico instead of dropping it at our yard there in Laredo. Fat chance! I mean I can’t even say “where’s the bathroom” in Spanish. I’m pretty sure ”Donde es” is involved somehow but after that I would have to depend on my ability to mime the pee-pee dance to get the general idea across.

I’m not sure what kind of dancing I would need to mime to get across the much more important communication that all truckers appear to need to know in Mexico which is: “excuse me, Mr Hijacker, but your pistol is jabbed painfully hard into my ribs.” Let’s just say I’ve heard it’s fairly exciting to be a trucker in Mexico and I’m just not looking for those kinds of thrills. So we did not go into Mexico.

We are going into Kentucky later today which might scare some of you Yankees almost as much as Mexico, but we know the language there so we’re not scared. Also, driving to Louisville from Laredo takes us right by my favorite place to eat in the entire country — behind only Stace’s and her Mom’s cooking. I can’t wait! They have catfish there that is… well… there really just aren’t any words good enough for their catfish. And the ribs are excellent, too. We usually get the catfish dinner for right then and a whole rack of ribs to go into the cooler for later. Not a huge fan of their BBQ sauce, but the ribs are smoked so you don’t even really need BBQ sauce.

Can you tell I’m hungry? Stace and Maggie are still asleep and I don’t want to rummage around for food for fear of waking them up. Talking about the catfish makes me think that I swore I would never write a review of this joint in Arkansas cause they don’t have a lot of truck parking and I couldn’t stand it if they suddenly started getting so busy you couldn’t find parking anytime. It also makes me think of how much I love Southern cooking. I suppose it’s just that you love most whatever you grew up with but Southern cooking just seems to have more flavor to me than other regions.

Stace and I were talking the other day about the Roach Coach idea and we agreed that you could probably make a decent living if you sold nothing but sandwiches and her mom’s recipe for Red Beans and Rice. Oh. My. God. That is like the best food ever. Course it takes about 6 hours to make a batch and the last two hours you have to stir it every five minutes so it doesn’t stick, but I’m always willing to get out of the recliner for that duty. I guess if you were trying to sell it though you might need to tame it down quite a bit. That would be a shame.

Do you ever wonder if those people who drive the roach coaches are actually making any money? I’ve wondered before if you could make a decent living at it or if it were more of a supplement some other source of income sort of job. Lord knows it doesn’t look like a particularly easy kind of job. And their chances for World Domination are almost non-existent.

I thought I heard Stace wake up but she was only turning over. I feel like it’s Christmas morning but your parents have given you strict orders to not wake them up before 08:00 so you just sit there staring at the tree or in my case thinking about the catfish. Not that Stace said anything about not waking her up, but she drove second yesterday so she hasn’t been asleep all that long.

Wonder if I could get Maggie to wake up and start barking out the window at “some dog” or something? I’ve got to go right now but I’ll probably be back later.

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  1. 2008 December 1

    Yes, driving and dreaming about food. Been there.

    When I was driving OTR roach coaches were one of my favorite places to eat. LA – I could get kick ass burritos and Laredo – the tacos were great! There are a couple up in Commerce City, CO, North of Denver that I go to just to get my fix.

    As to the red beans and rice on a roach coach – isn’t there a way to rig up a treadmill to stir the pot? Just saying. The mental image of you walking dogs with treadmills will never leave me. It may be the last thing I think of before I croak.

  2. 2008 December 1

    OMG you are hysterical! lol.

    Oh, and I LOVE the roach coach food. I thought that was just a name that we used around here, I didn’t realize it was ‘universal’. How funny!

    Oh, and I chuckled about the economy line, considering the market closed down nearly 700 pts today, when they officially declared we’re in a recession! DUH, I could’ve told them that last December! lol.

  3. 2008 December 1

    Thanks for the good news! I was worried but now you’ve assured me that all is well with the world again. *Whew*

    I have a little something for you ladies over at my site.

  4. 2008 December 6


    I would have to think about the doggie powered auto-stirrer 2000. Surely I could work something up. Burritos are about the only thing I’ve ever gotten from a roach coach that I really seriously liked.

    Sheila and SMB,

    Don’t listen to them on the economy — it’s picking up if TWMNBN’s boobery towards us is any indication. Suddenly it’s all “are you ready for your next load yet?” where a month ago it was “sure you can have an extra day off — no problem”

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