Truckin Cribs Tour

2008 December 19

When we first started doing the blog thing we were going to post some pics of the inside of our truck, but then we realized that only Decorina and Salena ever dropped by and what with both of them being drivers themselves they would be like, “well, duh” if we started posting truck interior pics.

But now that there are so many of you who don’t drive hanging out around here, we thought it might be fun to show you the inside of a big truck. So we’re going to do a series of posts showing y’all the inside of our truck — the good, the bad, and probably Hedon’s socks on the floor. We’re starting the tour where all truck tours should start — the driver’s seat:

Driver's seat aka The Mighty Cockpit

Driver's seat aka The Cockpit

So this is the most comfortable seat in the house. Here’s a close up look at all the various crap points of interest highlighted:

1.  iPod box. Including iPod, charger, and a bunch of other iPod related crap I can’t think of right now.

2.  Log books. Evil but required.

3.  Big Dash Box with both cassette players, trailer seals, scissors, lots of loose change, and some gross stuff in the bottom that I don’t want to investigate closer.

4.  iPod shelf when somebody… ok… sigh… when Hedon hasn’t put it away properly.

5.  Built-in cubbyhole that holds cell phone, load notebook, and cigarettes.

6.  Evil computer system that TWMNBN uses to make our lives a living hell of non-stop Boobery.

7.  Driver’s side door pocket with giant weapon-sized maglite, fueling gloves, and Armor All Cleaner.

8.  Really awesome floor mat that traps an astonishing amount of crap before it has a chance to spread all over the truck. Stace loves this floor mat.

This is the area above the driver's head

This is the area above the driver's head

1.  Audiobook de jour. Current selection is ”Sister Carrie” by Theodore Dreiser. Also one hidden emergency pack of cigarettes and some misc paperwork.

2.  Two carton of cigarettes.

3.  Camera… which might make some of you wonder exactly how we might have forgotten that we had a camera, but I would say don’t underestimate BigBrain Fernando’s ability to forget things.

4.  Ridiculously tiny cabinet space that only holds Stace’s sunglasses, a tiny bottle of Advil, a few napkins, and for some reason a tiny travel-pack of Q-Tips.

5.  Air horn cord. One of my favorite things about trucking is blowing the horn for kids who are doing the exact same arm motion I was doing 35 years ago.

6.  Hedon’s emergency supply of Atomic Fireballs, Jolly Ranchers, SweetTarts, and Tootsie Rolls. Also one back-up lighter and one tube of wussy-girl-lip-stuff as Hedon’s lips get very dried out if she doesn’t use that stuff often. Usually a few Maggie treats for easy access while driving as well.

7.  Cut up over-the-door-shoe-holder-thing that has been modified and stuck to the cabinet wall with velcro. We aren’t allowed to drill any holes in the cabinets so this is a decent way to get extra storage for seriously important things like: various candy supply of the chocolate variety (so Maggie can’t get to it), handi-wipes, hand sanitizer, back scratching comb, and a few napkins. All of these things can be reached fairly easily while driving.

Well I guess that’s the end of part one of Truckin Cribs. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Tune in next time when we explore the passenger seat area and the center storage area over the dash. I’m sure the anticipation levels out there are hard to control, but just take a few deep breaths and part two will be here before you know it.


(Boobery update: after rushing around yesterday to get everything finished up at home and get up here to St Louis absolutely as quickly as we could… we waited three hours for our turn to hit the dock at the shipper. After hitting the dock, I went back in to give the loader our pick-up number and he looked really confused. Went with him to shipping office and found out that the load with our pick-up number had already been picked up by a different TWMNBN driver at 20:35 last night. So there was no load for us and they didn’t understand why we were here. Sigh. Boobery.)

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  1. 2008 December 19

    Okay, forget the frickin tank…I want one of these! I love gadgets and compartments and little buttons and nooks! i would LOVE this truck! Can’t wait to see the rest! I’ve never seen the inside of a big rig. Sa-weet!

  2. 2008 December 19
    Trish permalink

    One long held fantasy I’ve never accomplished…I’d love to be in one of these trucks for a long cross country job…I envy your freedom (even though I know you take a lot of boobery…)

    Omaha, NE

  3. 2008 December 19

    My dad owned a trucking company (petro haulers) for over 40 years. The cabs of his tractors NEVER looked like this. Bitchin’!

  4. 2008 December 19
    PrincessDoubt permalink

    Air horn – what about for 32 year old women who never got tired of it? It drives my fiance nuts, but I LOVE the air horn! :)

  5. 2008 December 19

    Hey Princess, I test the air horn in every truck I drive. I loves me an air horn and had one put on my PT Cruiser at home. No one gets in my way anymore.

    Sweet truck! Love the ‘puter on the dash. I had a keyboard that was sometimes at risk for getting hung out the damn window – like when I’d be driving like a wild woman, almost to a delivery and dispatch would send a message: “What is your ETA?” What in the hell is the GPS for – what do you mean?

    Isaih completly boobed that load didn’t he? Boobery supreme.

  6. 2008 December 19

    Hi, I found out about your blog from the “15 minute lunch” blog guy. Just love, love the writing and female view of life out on the road. Your descriptions about climbing IN and OUT of that truck …it would happen to me too and it made me think of the adventures of Lucy and Ethel. I can’t remember which one of you wrote what, but it’s all good and so unique. I am even sneaking a read of your blog while hiding in my cubicle at work, wishing that I too could be so adventurous.

    Thanks for the map of the truck’s interior lol.

    In all seriousness, please document what you do in photos (old fashioned negatives) and hard copy journals because this material is solid and good enough for publication.

    Publication = your own truck? yes, I think so!


  7. 2008 December 19

    I loved gettin Truckers to blow their horns for me when I was a kid and I still love the sound so much I blow my horn at every opportunity especially for kids.

  8. 2008 December 19

    Qualcom huh, I hated that damn keyboard

  9. 2008 December 19
    Tom permalink

    Thanks for the tour, guys! Really neat!

  10. 2008 December 19

    I LOVE seeing the inside of your truck! It’s so different than ours. Of course, our truck is 11 years old, so our stuff isn’t as streamlined as yours, but I’d have to say we have a lot more cubby space up front.

    I love the shoe thing – great idea. I’ve often wanted to buy one but couldn’t figure out exactly how I’d hang it (even though I’m usually a genius with that kind of thing!). Ed owns this truck and I can persuade him to drill a hole in just about anything in it!!

    Love seeing YOUR work space. I think I might have a post a picture of ours at some point since we ride like gypsies – I swear I have stuff bungeed and stuffed everywhere!

    Thanks for the peek.

  11. 2008 December 20


    Yeah… the buttons are really kick-ass cool. And back in the bunk area there is a whole panel of buttons for climate/lighting control in the bunk. I do love buttons and switches.

    Hey Trish!

    You know it’s never too late. I wanted to be a trucker from about the time I was ten years old. But I didn’t actually get to trucking school until I was 36 cause life got in the way. You meet people out here all the time who are in their mid-60s and just starting out. So while I don’t recommend jumping into trucking at this exact point and time, I do say when things pick up go for it if that’s your dream. And don’t for one instant fall for that ‘women can’t drive trucks alone’ crap, either. Yes you can. You can definitely do it if you want to… well… unless you’re blind… or have no legs or something like that… then it would be more difficult I guess.

    Hey Margo!

    Your dad was a trucker back in the days when they were really truckers!! Now days we’re kinda spoiled in a lot of respects. And that’s ok with me. :)

    My teacher at trucking school drove back when they didn’t have bunks on their trucks and would string hammocks under the trailer in summer to sleep and would share a bunk house with other drivers in the winter. Can you imagine 20 snoring stinky guys all sleeping on cots in the same room? Yuck… I’ll take either the Freightliner OR the Volvo over that.


    I blow the airhorn for everybody who does the motion… and sometimes just cause I’m in a good mood. Stace does have an age policy, though. She doesn’t generally blow it for teenagers. But that’s just because they always flip her off when she does so her view is “screw them.” That was one of the hard adjustments when we started driving together — I had been used to blowing the horn anytime I felt like it and woke her up a couple of times accidentally. That is not a cool way to wake up out of a dead sleep. Oops.


    Yeah the Driver Tech is pretty sweet mounted on the dash like that. But my favorite part is that most of it won’t work if you are moving. When moving all you have access to is the GPS and you can read the message-load-info but you can’t type anything. So they can send all the messages they want and you are perfectly justified in ignoring them until you can find a “safe place” to pull over and respond. As it turns out it is often really hard to find a suitable safe place… :)

    Hi L,

    Welcome! Glad you found us! I will say that some of the crap that happens out here reminds me of Lucy and Ethel, too. I don’t know if it’s par for the course in trucking or if it’s just par for the course in being me and Stace. I do know that I wouldn’t trade it most days cause even if it’s boobery it’s still an adventure. I did not do well at all in the cubicle world.

    I am working on an e-book right now that may be titled “Everything you need to know about trucking before you get behind the wheel” or something like that, but it’s slow going. I told Stace a while back that we should write a “Hags’ guide to the Universe” type book and she told me to get back to her when I had finished my book and updated the Drivers’ Lounge. :)


    Me too, me too! I loved that truckers would do that! I hate not being able to do it sometimes for the kids now, but that’s part of team driving. Volvos have the air horn as a big button in the middle of the steering wheel. Man! I couldn’t stand that! What kind of wussy crap is that?! So I’ll tell you a secret… when kids would make the horn motion, I would blow the horn with my right hand on the steering wheel but move my left arm in the traditional motion pulling some phantom cord so the kids weren’t disappointed… well and so I didn’t look like some wussy dumb-ass.

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome! Glad you like it. The bunk is more interesting what with all the little nooks and crannies… course it’s also much more messy as a rule.

    Hey Salena!!

    Yeah it’s got to be a big change over y’all’s truck. The shoe things work great for little things that you use all the time and want to keep handy. We just super-glue velcro onto the cabinets (no explicit rule against permanently attaching velcro to every cabinet surface lol) and then we glue AND staple velcro onto the shoe things. That way you can just pitch it and hang a new one when they get nasty.

    I will admit that after all the whining and carrying on when we were forced to change trucks… it’s not as bad as we had anticipated. We do have a lot less built-in storage now, but have found a way to make it work for us for the most part. At this point the only thing we still really mourn is losing the microwave. Still trying to figure out a way to make room to get one back in here.

    Would LOVE to see pictures of y’all’s truck! Post away!

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