Maggie and W

2009 January 4
by Hedon

This is why Maggie is the best girl ever. That’s a little George W Bush toy we got her a while back. Man! I never get tired of watching her chomp on that toy!

"That's a good girl, Maggie"

"That's a good girl, Maggie"

1. Stace

2. Frighteningly realistic toy in the image of George W Bush

3. Good dog!

Maggie and W

Maggie and W

7 Responses
  1. 2009 January 4

    Watching that dog gnaw on Dubya makes me happy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2009 January 5

    Stace is SO cute!!!! And Maggie IS a good dog!!!

  3. 2009 January 5

    Go Maggie!

  4. 2009 January 5
    Belledog permalink

    I take it the Dick Cheney doll is in an undisclosed location?

    Go get ‘em Maggie. You are a great dog even when you are not making a political statement!

    Happy first week of 2009 to all. Hope it’s a good one, and that you enjoy a little downtime if it is still coming your way.

  5. 2009 January 5

    Good Girl, Maggie!!!

    I never noticed that George wears red boots. That would explain a lot.

  6. 2009 January 5

    This makes me very, very happy. Only thing better I can think of is Maggie giving our Chihuahua a spin at humping George’s head. I mean…she tries to hump everybody’s head…but still.

  7. 2009 January 6

    Don’t know why, but the dog has a thing for the boots. I’m always trying to get her to go for the crotch, but it’s a tough sell. Though when I get to thinking about it, guess it sort of makes sense.

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