Maggie’s play date

2009 January 27
by Hedon

Stace and I have been talking off and on recently about the possibly of getting Maggie a friend. Unlike a lot of breeds, Beagles are seriously PACK dogs. As a matter of fact, they recommend that a single person not get just one beagle because the dog won’t be happy unless they feel like they are part of a pack. Now… we know that Maggie seems pretty happy, but we had talked about getting another dog because we think it would make her much more happy.

The thing is that Maggie LOVES to play. She would play 10 hours a day, sleep 13 hours a day and squeeze everything else she needed to do into that last hour if she could. We both try to play with her for good long stretches during the day but let’s be honest… I’m only going to play gonna-get-your-belly-while-you-growl-and-pretend-like-you-don’t-want-me-to for so long. Hence, the conversations about getting a second dog so she would have someone to play with.

Maggie and Abby considering an attack on the sweeper

Maggie and Abby considering an attack on the sweeper... mostly Maggie.

But we had no idea what to expect with a second dog in the house. So a good friend of ours, who recently added an adorable stray to her household, suggested that we keep her new dog a couple of days to see how Maggie would react to a potential buddy. We thought that was a great idea, so she brought Abby over for a couple of days. Abby is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet and incredibly laid-back. Maggie isn’t around dogs much so it took a bit for them to get friendly, but then everything took off.

Maggie spent the entire three days working hard to get Abby to play with her. I’m talking from the moment they woke up until they finally flopped out exhausted at night Maggie was trying to get Abby to play with her. She pranced in front of Abby waving her front paws around in the air. She rolled around on her back in front of Abby kicking her feet like she was possessed. She stalked Abby just like Snoopy slithering through the high grass. And what did Abby do? She sat there and watched Maggie jump around like a lunatic. Well that’s not really fair  —  Abby did play some, but only a fraction of what Mags would have liked. Still… Maggie had a ball with Abby.

I think the verdict is in… Maggie would seriously enjoy having a playmate. We’re going to keep our eyes open and see if we can’t find a Beagle about a year old that would be a good fit into the family. Preferably one with a lot more energy than Abby who loves to play constantly.

No-talent Artist’s recap of Maggie’s play-date with Abby

Maggie and Abby's entire weekend in a nutshell

Maggie and Abby's entire weekend in a nutshell

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  1. 2009 January 27

    Yes, Beagles are definitely pack dogs. We had one named Bailey years ago and even though she was great we realized she needed a friend. We then got Barnum and they were great together.

    Since they’ve been gone we’ve gotten two big dogs and even though they have each other to play with, we still have ‘pay dates’ for them with my brother’s and daughter’s dogs.

  2. 2009 January 27
    Belledog permalink

    Loved this post. I think Maggie should welcome a Jack Russell Terrier puppy down the road; JRTs are nuts; very busy pets, and small dogs for purposes of interstate transport via commercial carrier.

    Have many thoughts on this subject, but less time, so shall be back later with more.

    I have 2 beagles, and think 2-dog households are the way to go. Lots of company; only heinous aspect is higher vet bills.

    Enjoy the downtime, hags household!

    my captcha: madras fanatics. hmmm.

  3. 2009 January 27

    I loved the artwork…ha. Poor Maggie, I feel exactly like that when around my co-workers. They are no fun whatsoever.

  4. 2009 January 28

    3699 and Belledog,

    I think if we get another dog she will be a Beagle, too. I had thought we should get one of those dogs that start with a P and have big butterfly ears because that’s Stace’s favorite. But watching Maggie manhandle Abby made me think we had better get a solid dog who could hold her own against the brusier. :)



    I have an idea: Go into work tomorrow and pick out a likely candidate. Walk up to them and sniff their butt thoroughly. Then poke them firmly in the chest. Bite onto their ear several times. Don’t bite too hard just bite hard enough that they will follow you if you pull them forward by the ear. Let go of their ear and sniff their butt again. Then start growling menacingly. Flop on the floor and roll over on your back while still growling. Start waving your arms around in circles and kicking your feet. Do that for a couple of minutes while growling then jump up and sniff their butt again.

    That should be all it takes to get them enticed into playing with you. At least that’s how Maggie tempted Abby into playing with her. Give it a try and see what happens. Let us know how it goes.

  5. 2009 January 30

    I think when one has little dogs, they always feel the need to add playmates. LOL Little dogs have lots of energy.

    Ed’s Mom started with Mischa (a Jack-a-poo – Jack Russell Terrier/Poodle) but noooooo, that wasn’t enough, so she added a teeny Chihuahua named Trudie.

    I guess she decided two didn’t make QUITE enough noise and had so much energy that perhaps a third one would calm them down so they had lots of friends to play with, so she added a third teeny yapper to the bunch – Chico, another Chihuahua.

    They are all super adorable and get along great; plus, they take up about as much room as one regular sized dog!

    I’m just glad she doesn’t carry them around town in her purse – ala Paris Hilton.

    CAPTCHA: Olie Plucky (a dog’s name, perhaps?)

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