Sit, sit, sit

2009 February 11

Since Saturday night, all we’ve done is sit and wait to get our truck into the shop. Every day they say they’ll get to us by the evening, and every day they don’t. Finally, this afternoon, they did get us in, and got most of what we needed fixed.

However, seems that there has been a recall of some sort for our Crapscadia (Freightliner Cascadia, for those not familiar with our loving nickname for our truck). One of the things we asked them to fix was our leaky windshield, which in rainy times, has been dumping loads of water into our dash. Well, it appears it is not just a faulty seal around the windshield. Nor is it just our truck.

It seems Freightliner has had to recall these Crapscadias because of some malfunctioning gasket or another, which is what is causing the leak, and which has set a number of trucks on fire due to water and electrical systems having their eternal Hatfield/McCoy feud.

What this means is that tomorrow morning, we’re going to be sitting at a Freightliner shop, waiting god knows how long, to get this thing fixed. Hours? Days? I shudder to think about it.

And even once it’s in the shop, someone told us the fix takes something like seven hours to complete. I’m hoping this fellow was just yanking my chain, because we had to sit outside for about five hours today, and I’m not into being out in the elements. I say let the outside stay outside, and I’ll keep to my climate-controlled inside, thanks very much.

And it’s not just the weather that keeps me from hanging out around terminals and shops. Maggie met probably five dogs today, and did well with all of them, until the last one — a pomeranian. That little sucker bit Maggie on the ear! My baby! On the ear! And there was blood! Lots of it!

Really, it was all I could do not to tell that man to take his fluffy pup and shove it. However, because we watch “The Dog Whisperer” and try to follow his advice where we can, Hedon and I played it as cool as we could, cleaned Maggie up, then let the dogs sniff each other again. According to Ceasar, you shouldn’t make a big yayhoo over this sort of thing, and you should encourage better behavior ASAP.

Still … I glowered at those two when they finally left. Yeah, that’ll show ‘em.

Maggie is fine, and it turns out the cut was very tiny on the edge of her ear. Guess it bled so much because her ears have all those veins in them. This was her first injury. Finally, the doggie antiseptic powder we carry came in handy.

So that’s that. And tomorrow’s another day … of waiting, and waiting, and sitting and … sigh.

Oh, and Hedon said to tell you:

The Baby is down again, and I had really good pictures for the boobery L.A. story, but I can’t post them until I get Baby back up. So it will be continued at a later date. I’m working on Junior right now, so I will be able to post, but Junior has nothing on it, except a few games (thank god for that at least).

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  1. 2009 February 12
    Belledog permalink

    Boobery status: God-awful. LOL, but says it all. Glad they are going to fix your truck, hopefully this week. Trucks on fire? That’s horrendous. Hope the Freightliner boobs snap to and fix your home away from home right the first time, and soon!

    And no fixing the Pomeranian’s truck first. Sanctions should be in place there. No biting by drivers or passengers.

    Guess this isn’t the time to highlight that tomorrow is Friday the 13th?

    (But Valentine’s Day follows…)


  2. 2009 February 12

    Thanks, Belledog. So far, today has been going much better than anticipated. Who knows, we may actually get back on the road sometime in the next day or two. That’s trucking, I keep telling myself.

  3. 2009 February 12

    I’m starting to think twice about these Freightliners…

    Ed and I brought our truck to Freightliner when we were heading through Phoenix to have them replace two lights on some switches on the dash – yeah, I know – it’s brand new – WTF?? Anyway – the guy did his thing and in the process, BROKE one of the clip in pieces on the dash AND scratched the radio when he used whatever asshole tool to pry whatever the EFF he was trying to pry. WTF is with these people?

    THEN……..THEN!!!….he took the truck for a test drive because one of the switches was the cruise control and in the process, turned around in a muddy lot and slung CLUMPS of mud all over the back of the truck – the shiny, silver area where the back door is.

    I was so annoyed I made the service manager come out and look and he had the guy hose it down. If he turned around on PAVEMENT (which would have required a brain) instead of taking what is CLEARLY a brand new truck through the mud, I wouldn’t have had to wait the extra 40 minutes it took him to clean it off. Don’t get me wrong, I would have been annoyed if he slung mud clumps on the old truck too – it’s the incompetence level I can’t deal with.

    Sooooo….just three days later, the switches are out again and the cruise control doesn’t work. And now I have a broken section of plastic on the dashboard that has to be ordered so it can be replaced. Can you say ASSHOLES???

    Other than that, the only incident we had happened today (2/12) when I pulled down an electric pole in Yellville, Arkansas and left the entire town without power. It was what they’d call an “unpreventable” since it wasn’t my fault, but still. And Hedon things clipping her faring was bad….I’ll tell you all about it in an email and I’ll probably blog it….

    As for the dogs – sorry Maggie got bit. Those Pomeranians are little bitches. LOL I was watching the Westminster Dog Show (no, I don’t know why) with my mother the other night and saw some REAL cuties in the “toy” category. But I don’t recall seeing any Maggies. What are they thinking? Of course, I didn’t watch the whole thing, so her kind may have made an appearance.

    Anyway…glad Magster is okay!

  4. 2009 February 12

    Little, yappy, snappy dogs – hate ‘em. Love my big galumphing whatever-they-ares. They’ll never win a dog show, but they’re smart and calm and don’t bite anyone (well, except bad people).

    Don’t you just love the hurry-up-and-wait game? It drives me crazy even when I’m NOT stuck somewhere. I hope all your stuff gets sorted out soon and you’re back on the road as happy campers.

  5. 2009 February 13

    Gads, Selena! What a totally screwed up deal. I don’t know where they find these jerkoffs at these shops. When we were driving the beautiful, wonderful, heavenly Volvo, at least they guys in their shops would do stuff like put down paper mats and plastic seat covers before getting in your truck, and were careful in other ways as well.

    Can’t believe the FL guys would muck up that beautiful baby of yours, though I’m not surprised it didn’t get fixed. Seems like we always have to do a double dose to get any problem solved.

    As for Maggie, at dog shows beagles are in the hunting group, I think, or maybe that’s the sporting group. Whatever. Something like that. My mom told me a beagle won best in show at some big dog show last year. Can’t remember which one.

    And thanks, Sayre. Looks like it may be coming together at last. And I love the “big galumphing whatever-they-ares” as well. Had a couple of them as a kid.

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