You know… that guy

2009 March 22
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by Stace

Overheard in the truck yesterday. Stace was driving and listening to her book when Hedon called up from the bunk:

Hedon: Hey Stace, do you remember that movie where the blond kid ordered a pizza?

Stace: Hmmm. No, what blonde kid? What pizza?

Hedon: He was played by that actor who grew up to not really have blonde hair after all. And he actually turned out to be a real actor. He was in that movie with the hot lady from that other movie where the two women run away and then drive their car over a cliff.

Stace: “Thelma and Louise?” You mean Geena Davis?

Hedon: No, not her. The hot one. The one who was also in that movie about the baseball player and is all activist and all.

Stace: The hot one in the baseball player movie. Oh yeah … I know who you’re talking about. Married that big tall guy. No wait I don’t think they’re married. I think they’re just shacked up because it’s a political statement or something. She has red hair. She never has had any plastic surgery as far as I know. I can’t think of her name … wait … Susan Sarandon. You think Susan Sarandon is hot?

Hedon: Hell yeah. I mean she was okay when she was younger, but as she’s gotten older she has turned seriously hot. Anyway, she was in that movie with an older version of the pizza-in-class kid where she was a nun and he was a prisoner.

Stace: She was a nun and he was a prisoner … hmmm … Sean Penn! “Dead Man Walking.” Sean Penn ordered a pizza in class. You’re talking about “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” I think.

Hedon: Yeah? Where Sean Penn was a young blond surfer dude?

Stace: Yeah.

Hedon: Cool.

Stace: …

Hedon: …

Stace: What about it?

Hedon: That kid was always stoned in that movie. I wish we had a big old joint right about now. Remember that Jamaican stuff I brought back from Atlanta that time? That was good stuff, huh?

Stace: Oh good god. That was twenty years ago.

Hedon: …

Stace: It was good stuff though.

4 Responses
  1. 2009 March 22

    I loved twenty years ago. :)
    lot’s of good times. lot’s of good times.

  2. 2009 March 22

    OMG…I remember that…it was ssooooo gooood. wait a minute, was I there? Well, I remember 20 years ago anyway.

    Oh, the shelves, yes I posted those pic’s later. I hope to get them painted when we go home the next time.

    Pizza, did someone say they were bringing pizza?

  3. 2009 March 22

    Righteous, dudettes!

  4. 2009 March 23

    I think maybe we should all do twenty years ago over again. Sometimes all this responsible adult crap isn’t what it was cracked up to be.

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