2009 April 30
by Stace

So, I’ve got nothing to say. Haven’t had anything to say for days and days. It’s not that I’m depressed, or mad. I’m just boring as hell.

A couple of months ago, thanks to an unfortunately timed bump in the road, I accidentally spilled about a quarter cup of Diet Coke into the keyboard of my laptop. As a result, the tab, caps lock and control keys no longer work, and one of my USB ports is iffy. Some of the liquid must have hit my display as well, since now there are about 30 black pixels scattered about the bottom of the screen.

About the same time as the spill, some little piece of god knows what crawled into my keyboard, and is now spending its time wedging itself under random keys. Some days, it may be nearly impossible to type a “9,” while on other days, it may be the “Y” or the “S.” Today, it’s the “L.” I have to pound and pound on it to get it to register, all the while a kind of crunchy noise comes from the key. I’m thinking I’ll eventually grind this tiny piece of annoyance to dust. Or that’s what I’m hoping.

I have no point in talking about my computer problems. Like I said … boring.

I’ve had my computer for two years, and until the unfortunate Diet Coke incident, it still looked and ran like new. I hate that it is no longer pristine. I suppose there is a bit of anticipation each time I turn it on, wondering which key the piece of god knows what will be lodged under. But other than that, ugh. Surprisingly, of all the non-working parts, I really really really miss the tab key.

Yeah, I could send the laptop off to Apple to have it fixed, I suppose, but that would take forever because I’m home so rarely.

Geez … boring. I thought something would come to me by now. I should be all brilliant or amusing or something by this point.

We have a fly in the truck. Ordinarily, this drives me nuts, and I would hunt it relentlessly until I had smashed it and chortled triumphantly over its flattened little body. But that was my modus operandi before we got Maggie. I don’t kill flies in the truck anymore, because Maggie likes to hunt them. Anything which entertains the dog gets special dispensation from me, since that means I’m not the one having to do the entertaining.

I presume that beagle eyesight isn’t very good, since I can usually track the flies better than Maggie. She depends on her nose to do her hunting, sniffing all over the truck, with her tail madly wagging, seeking out the wily fly. I can’t help but wonder what a fly smells like, not having ever noticed an odor myself. I figure it can’t be good, what with the way flies barf on their food before eating.

Of all the flies which have enjoyed our hospitality, Maggie has only actually caught a couple of them. In general, they toy with her, performing daring feats, like sitting on Maggie’s head while she sniffs cluelessly around the truck. I wonder if flies share some genes with cats.

Oh lord … still boring.

We were listening to the radio yesterday, and they were blabbing on and on about some woman who had hidden a bunch of money from her husband in a secret bank account. They were, supposedly, debating the ethics of what the woman had done. Since Hedon and I have been advising a friend to do just that thing for years and years (she has no access to her husband’s bank account), it’s easy to see who we’re behind in this debate.

Still, they talked and talked and talked. Clearly, it’s not just here in the truck that things are boring, if they’re spending so much air time on an issue like this one.

Speaking of boring air time, I think I’d best call this one quits. Geez, you’d think something interesting would have kicked in. Nope. Nada. Nothin’. Damn.

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  1. 2009 April 30

    Ha! I found this amusing : )

  2. 2009 April 30

    OK, this might seem obvious, but have you lifted the keys OFF the keyboard to find out what was underneath? I’ve had that problem too – where they just don’t work when you press them, as if there is something underneath, and lo and behold….I often find a crumb or big piece of dust. Try it.

    As for the fly – I would never leave the hunting up to Maggie – I couldn’t stand it whizzing past my head while she tried to track it! I’m all about the rolled up magazine.

    And I would DEFINITELY recommend hiding money from the husband. 100%! My Aunt used to get some extra cash every time she went to the grocery store – she’d write a check for over the amount – my Uncle never suspected since he thought it was for food. But ALL women should do this – no matter what the status of the relationship – always have your own little stash. You may need it someday!

  3. 2009 April 30

    What Salena said. Always.

    And I was surprised, too, to finally learn that dog’s eyesight wasn’t very good. When his coat grows out Skylar’s vision goes from bad to really bad and he can’t see anything. I hear you about entertaining the dog, though.

    I still laugh at the post about Maggie rolling the window down to put her head out. I can picture that plastic tub taped over the button very clearly. It is always funny to me…

    When my laptop was new I about broke the letter “k” from pounding on it to get it to work. It eventually returned to full function, but now falls off at every chance. I think I caused that by pounding on it.

  4. 2009 April 30

    I did find the Maggie/Fly story quite amusing – especially since I watched my own dogs trying to catch a moth a couple of days ago.

    Re: unknown stuff under your keys… Try some compressed air and see if you can blow it out. It comes in cans. I inherited a can when my employee retired and it is WONDERFUL stuff for cleaning out the keyboard!

  5. 2009 May 1

    If the computer does need some big lovin’ from people who know what they are doing…let me know. There’s a terrific place in Springfield, MO that can save anything computerized! Maybe it would be on your route?
    And…this was not boring. Seriously. How could it be when I am now thinking about:
    1) One of our laptops that needs help (i.e. to be thrown into a trash can)
    2) What flies smell like
    3) That our Chihuahua is probably going to be killed this morning if she tries to hump the giant cranium of one of our big dogs one more time

  6. 2009 May 1

    I feel your pain. I’ve had a brain fart for weeks. lol.

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