Dead to me

2009 May 13

Well. When last we left our heroes, they were in the middle of a major brain-melting pile of boobery the likes of which they had rarely seen. Unfortunately at the time they were not at liberty to really post about the whole situation using the flaming geysers of invective the despicable sub-humans at TWMNBN so richly deserved. Now they can. Let’s join the action as it happened:

Saturday 05/02/09   Olive Branch, MS (aka Memphis)

08:00  ~~~  Stace and I woke up early to go take our CDL physicals. Taking special care to avoid caffeine, we strove mightily to keep Stace’s blood pressure at a reasonable level for the test.

09:15  ~~~  My physical was fine. Got my two year card. No problem. Stace’s blood pressure was fine. No mention of irritating sleep apnea tests. They found sugar in Stace’s urine. Follow up blood tests determined her blood sugar was very high. The doctor gave Stace a three month medical card but said her blood sugar was dangerously high and insisted that she needed to get home to her personal doctor ASAP for further testing and to begin treatment immediately. Welcome to the world of diabetes, Hags.

09:30  ~~~  Freaking out.

09:45  ~~~  On hold with TWMNBN to explain the situation and try to get moving toward home. At this point we were 320 miles from the house and could have been home in less than 6 hours.

10:10  ~~~  Still on hold.

10:11  ~~~  Still freaking out.

10:20  ~~~  Explained entire situation to weekend dispatcher aka Trained Monkey. Trained Monkey screwed everything up. Predictably. Trained Monkey told Safety Department that Stace had been denied a medical card and was suspended pending medical review. This meant TWMNBN now thought Stace was no longer qualified to drive a truck.

10:45  ~~~  At nearby truck-stop faxing entire three pages of Stace’s medical long form to Safety Department to prove Stace is legal to drive. Also on phone trying to clear up misunderstanding.

11:00  ~~~  Finally everything was straightened out and everyone understood that Stace was legal to drive but needed to get home absolutely as soon as possible to meet with her regular doctor. Everyone seemed to be on the same page so we settled in to wait for a load or repower to get us home.

12:30  ~~~  Freaking out again.

13:00 thru 22:00  ~~~  At regular intervals throughout the day we contacted dispatch politely to check on getting a load home and were told they were working on it. Debate the merits of contacting her family by phone, but finally decide to keep everything quiet until we get home and Stace has seen the doctor to have more information about the situation. Also it’s just not the kind of news you want your mom to hear on the telephone or to read from your blog. After long stressful day finally went to bed about ten pm.

Sunday 05/03/09   Still in Olive Branch, MS (still aka Memphis)

10:30  ~~~  Contact Trained Monkey to check on a load headed home. In the message I mentioned, “…as you know Stace needs to get home asap…” Trained Monkey responded, “Why? Why does Stace need to go home?”

10:32  ~~~  Called Trained Monkey. Sat on hold forever. When she finally answered the phone, I explained — in my most calm and reasonable voice — the entire situation again and stressed that we need a load home immediately so we can be at the doctor’s office first thing Monday morning. Trained Monkey made odd garbled sounds that — while not quite speech — seemed to indicate that she understood the situation.

11:08  ~~~  Slightly freaking out but trying to pretend I’m cool and not worried. Stared really hard at Stace when she wasn’t looking to see if she was having a blood sugar episode or something. Realized I didn’t know exactly what a blood sugar episode was… cursed Fernando soundly.

15:00  ~~~  Got a message that TWMNBN has no freight heading toward home, but if we’ll just run a load to Dallas they can get us something in Texas that will get us home. We were still somewhat freaking out about the whole situation and frankly didn’t want to go to Texas, but finally decided that if that’s what we needed to do to get home we would run the load.

18:20  ~~~  Stepped on Stace’s toes to check for feeling in her feet. No problems there. Whew!

Monday 05/04/09   Dallas, TX

08:00  ~~~  Delivered the empty soda cans to the Dr. Pepper facility and prepared to head toward home. They had set us up with a load running from Dallas almost to the house that picked up that evening and would have us home the next morning. We weren’t thrilled to be getting home on Tuesday, but were still doing a fairly good job of controlling various tempers.

17:00  ~~~  Got a message that they had taken our load home away from us and that we needed to run a load from Dallas to Louisiana that would deliver on Tuesday. Then we could pickup a load in Louisiana that would go to western Kansas and deliver late Wednesday and “they would work something out” on getting us home sometime soon.

17:02  ~~~  Brain began melting from the effort required to avoid calling TWMNBN and quitting. Or driving to Corporate Headquarters and unleashing a vengeance strike of massive dimensions on everyone involved in the whole situation.

17:12  ~~~  Finally got through to Uriah who has been our regular daytime dispatcher for over a year. Explained the whole situation again. Pointed out to him that in the entire time he has been our dispatcher we have never asked for anything special in the way of getting home. We have never complained when they got us home two or even three or four days late for our once a month home-time… which they did every single month. Now we were asking for his help because it was really important to get home asap due to a medical crisis. Also pointed out that we were already supposed to get home on Wednesday so it wasn’t like we were asking for a lot… just to get home one day early. Uriah said he would see what he could do.

17:15  ~~~  Got message from Uriah — who will henceforth be known as Sorry Fucker Prick Bastard or SFPB for short — that there was nothing he could do for us and we had to run the load to Louisiana. Due to the fact that we got the message apologizing that he couldn’t help us less than three minutes after he hung up I began to suspect perhaps the slimy little pissant hadn’t really put a lot of effort into his assistance attempt.

17:20  ~~~  Rage of mammoth proportions poured from every cell. Still able to think clearly while livid, Stace pointed out that we couldn’t just quit because for the first time in over two years we might actually need the insurance we’ve been paying $50 a week for at TWMNBN. Hatred seethed.

19:00  ~~~  Shocked to find that in spite of towering rage still had plenty of time and mind capacity left to totally freak out once again.

Tuesday 05/05/09   Louisiana somewhere

10:00  ~~~  Delivered whatever the hell we were carrying to whoever the hell and prepared to pick up our load going to distant Western Kansas which was routed through… wait for it… are you ready… Dallas. So once we picked it up and started rolling we would be right back where we were before we came to Louisiana — and not a mile closer to the house.

12:30  ~~~  Picked up load.

12:35  ~~~  Just driving and freaking out. Driving and freaking out. Oh… and seething… lots and lots of seething.

13:30  ~~~  Traded loads with another couple who had picked up a load at the same place we did the same morning. But while the load we picked up was heading to Kansas, their load was heading straight toward our house. Load was to deliver on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday 05/06/09   Headed home

09:00  ~~~  Delivered load and finally headed home. Thanks to small town life, Stace managed to set up an appointment for later that afternoon to see her doctor.

So Stace saw her doctor and is now on meds and doing better. She will post all about the whole thing soon. As for TWMNBN… well… they are dead to me. Seriously. As you know, we were already planning to buy our own truck in some hazy distant future. That future is upon us since I have already quit TWMNBN in spirit if not yet in fact. Their actions through the whole affair were despicable and they can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned. But more on that front at a later date.

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  1. 2009 May 14
    punxxi permalink

    those guys suck bigtime, wtf do you work for jb hunt?yes, i know you aren’t going to name them.

  2. 2009 May 14
    Belledog permalink

    You called it on the trained monkeys routine. Not sure your company has the foresight to put them in diapers or on leashes though.

    Scary days for you; LOL about the other couple getting a load tailor made for your situation. (Well, LOL when you aren’t under intense pressure and alarmed on health issues.)

    Sorry you’ve had such a rough week of it, and look forward to Stace’s post and her return to better health.


  3. 2009 May 14

    That totally blows. And TWMNBN is always mystified at 200% driver turnover year after year. None of them get it. Nor do they understand why drivers sometimes just walk away from their trucks and quit.

  4. 2009 May 14

    I’m glad Stace is doing better.

    As much as it was a suck ass week for you two, you had me laughing with the way you described it.

  5. 2009 May 14
    limericc permalink

    Hope things make a positive turn for you both.

  6. 2009 May 14

    What crap… the weekends used to drive me nuts… the idiots on duty don’t have a clue.They seem to be hitting rock bottom in the dispatch department. I think trained monkeys would do a better job.

    I hope Stacie is feeling better. The meds will help regulate the sugar, she just needs to watch what she eats… not an easy thing to do on a truck.

    Hang in there and kick ass.


  7. 2009 May 16

    Thanks guys,

    Stace is doing quite well. Her blood sugar is still getting better every day… well every other day… which is quite a relief. And I like playing with all the cool new little electronic gadgets.

    I’m testing myself a lot right now because I know eventually Stace will say I can poke my finger as much as I want but to quit wasting the little testing strips since they are expensive. I have to say if you don’t get to put the strip in the little machine it’s really like you’re just poking your finger with a needle for no apparent reason.

    We are trying to eat better and get more quality rest, but both are difficult when you’re at the mercy of corporate whims. Oh well, we’re doing the best we can in the current situation.

    And Punxxi: No, it’s not JB, but you can rest assured that I will most certainly be naming them in all their despicable glory the instant we have our own truck. Stay tuned.

  8. 2009 May 16

    brad and i just wanted to tell you that you can’t use the name sorry fucker prick bastard coz we already call our dispatcher that!…and she’s a girl….or at least we think she’s a girl…we’re never sure….brad thinks she is too dumb to find her tampax string with both hands and a flashlight….we completely understand the frustration level you’re going thru….if we were in a financial situation to be buying our own truck, we’d be gone so fast….i, too, have the blood pressure and diabetes issues to deal with….it’s hard, but stace can do this…well, as long as you don’t use up all the test strips!….mine takes the little wheel of strips…it’s so “high-tech!”…lol… just seems to me like everyone in admin is so afraid of their own job that they’re not gonna be caught goin to bat for the drivers… guys are in our thoughts….we’re here for ya!

  9. 2009 May 17

    I was diagnosed with diabetes last year. IT was a shock at first, but then when I thought about it, not really. I drank GALLONS of sweet iced tea, which here in the South is really just brown colored sugar water with a hint of tea flavor. Cutting that out completely and switching to water, no juice, splenda in the coffee went a long way towards getting me back on track. Exercise, limiting my breads and pasta (all carbs actually) have gotten me to an almost “cured” state. My A1C readings have been going down, down, down since I’ve been watching it and my doctor has cut my medication by half, and expects to cut it out completely within 6 months.

    The key is to jump on it now before permanent damage is done. Good luck to Stace (and you – this can be quite frustrating as a bystander according to my husband). You guys can do it!!!

  10. 2009 May 17

    Thanks, y’all. So far, so good — the diabetes, I mean. Not TWMNBN. They suck and that’s that. Ha.

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