No idle paws in this truck

2009 May 20
by Hedon
Ms Maggie acting like she doesn't know the camera is there.

Ms Maggie, who thinks it's not really posing if she acts like she doesn't know the camera is there.

While Stace and I may be kinda lukewarm on the exercising part of the new world order, one Highway Hag is thrilled at this exciting new turn of events. Ms Mags is loving getting out of the truck at all kinds of weird hours and just walking around with no apparent purpose in mind while the big ones make hysterical gasping noises and keep cracking her up.

It’s not like she wasn’t already getting to get out of the truck. I can’t remember if I told you all or not, but a few months ago I taught Maggie how to do the DOT-required pretrip inspection on the truck in order to save some time in the mornings. I figured if she could get the hang of it then she could inspect the trailer while I do my log book and we would be ready to roll in half the time.

It was a little rough at first and I wasn’t sure she was going to get it. She seemed to especially have problems with inspecting the inside of the trailer and picking up any trash left by the last receiver. She kept acting like she couldn’t get the trailer doors open for some reason. But eventually she got much better and finally she was doing such a good job that I decided to expand her responsibilities. First, I added checking out the shipper’s facility to her routine and she did a great job of letting me know about potential problems I might face when backing into the dock. Then I thought  –  since she was already out there and all  –  I might as well let her check in with the shipper, too. That’s going great. The wagging tail seems to put most shippers in a good mood so they don’t even mind much that she drooled all over the pad with the pick-up number written down on it.

Right now we’re working on fueling up the truck. She seems to be having some trouble pushing the numbers on the card reader, though. Oh well, we’ll keep working on it. If you would like to see the new pictures recording the life of one hard-working dog, I’ve posted a new gallery over on the Maggie Pics page.

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  1. 2009 May 20

    You’re in Jersey, we’re in New York….so close!!! Where ARE you??? Eddie and I are going sightseeing today….thinking about hitting Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate…..we’ll see how that plan goes. lol

  2. 2009 May 20
    Belledog permalink

    That Maggie is a keeper.

    When does she get her little princess crown back? It was enchanting. (The earrings too.)


    Enjoy the sightseeing! Beautiful day here on the East Coast.

  3. 2009 May 21

    That pic is cool, it looks like one of those ‘tin’ pics. Like when it’s methodically punched into the tin?

    Anywho, funny post. Now when you guys stop all this exercising, the dog won’t know what the hell to do. lol

  4. 2009 May 23


    Well we were in Jersey (Newark) at 04:00 when I wrote that post on the 20th, but by 08:00 we were long gone heading west.

    Then at 08:00 on the 21st we were in Chicago having delivered that load and picked up another load and getting ready to head back east.

    At 08:00 on Friday the 22nd we were in Philly after delivering that load and getting ready to pick up the load we’re on now.

    Now we have to be in LA by 08:00 on Monday. And when we get there the facility will probably be closed due to the holiday. Which suits us just fine cause then we can shut down for a few hours.

  5. 2009 May 23

    Belledog and Sheila,

    Yeah she’s a keeper all right.

    Glad you liked the picture. I like the one over on the Maggie’s Pics page that looks like she’s made of molded plastic. Obviously someone was having a good time with photoshop. :)

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