Hard hat chic

2009 May 27
by Hedon

Overheard in the truck in Miami, Arizona.  Conditions can best be described as “surface of the sun” at the copper mine where Hedon and Stace are getting loaded. Hedon stomped out of the truck a while back completely disgruntled because not only was she required to watch a fifteen minute safety video at the shipping office, she was also required to put on long pants and brace the coils of copper with pieces of wood as they were loaded into the trailer. Hedon finally returned to the truck.

Hedon:  You know, I don’t care what size I am – I totally rock the borrowed-hard-hat-and-safety-glasses look.

Stace (laughing):  You certainly do. Was it horrible in there?

Hedon:  Man! It was gross in there. Tons of machines everywhere and I had to walk on lots of metal catwalks to get to the dock area. Then there was this giant… I mean huge… machine wrapping the copper into coils on the pallets right by me. I mean it wasn’t twenty-five feet away. You wouldn’t believe how fast that thing was spinning.

Stace:  So it was pretty cool, huh?

Hedon:  Yeah, it was pretty cool. And when the big machine was done with a pallet, the pallet would kinda drop down and the guys just had a short time to get the next empty pallet into place. But the machine never stopped whirling so when they got the new pallet in place a big-sized coil dropped down all at once.

Stace:  But what about bracing the trailer? Was it awful? Was it 200 degrees in the trailer? Did you have to use a lot of wood?

Hedon:  I got to use a nail gun.

Stace:  So basically you had lots of fun in there while I was worrying about how mad you were going to be when you finally got back to the truck?

Hedon:  Oh, I’m still disgruntled. It’s still god-awful hot out there.

Stace:  Yes, but you got to wear a hard hat, see lots of cool machines running, and use a nail gun. Oh my god… you just spent an hour in 200 degree heat in the back of the trailer and you’re not even mad are you?

Hedon:  Yes I am. I’m really pissed off.

Stace:  You are not! That’s it. I’m buying you a hard hat for the house but you can only wear it when you’re doing dishes.

Hedon:  See if you can find a purple one, ok?

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