Raining and pouring or something

2009 June 4
by Hedon

Well we got home twenty minutes before Stace’s doctor’s appointment. Thanks, TWMNBN, great job. So while Stace was at the doctor’s I sat down to write a new installment of: “TWMNBN, Oh my lord how I hate them” but when I plugged in the phone cord there was no dial tone. So sometime in the past three weeks we lost phone service at the house. And our broadband card doesn’t work at home so we have NO INTERNET at all at home! Sigh.

Hope to get it fixed tomorrow, but you never can tell. Right now we are at Stace’s mom’s house having just finished a spectacular meal that she made for us. I mean it was seriously amazing. And utterly healthy. If we could eat her cooking every night, this whole healthy eating thing would be a breeze. It’s clear where Stace gets her mad skills in the kitchen.

Anyway, no internet at home. So if you don’t hear from us until the first of next week you’ll know why. But I will schedule a post I just wrote to publish tomorrow cause that’s just what kind of nice person I am. :)

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