We’re back!

2009 June 9
by Stace

We’re back out on the road, and back to being able to use our broadband card. We actually came out on Monday, but it was a crazy day.

Turns out the culprit in our phone line problem at home was the TiVO! I guess its phone dealy was messed up somehow or the other, so it kept mucking up the line somehow. I don’t know. It’s likely not particularly complicated, yet I am mystified all the same. Whatever.

Wound up having to buy a new DirecTV receiver with a DVR in it. So it’s goodbye to my beloved TiVO, and hello to the new DVR. The new DVR has basically the same functions as my old TiVO unit, which means I hopefully won’t be too taxed trying to learn the new system. Ha. Stupid having-to-learn-new-things.

The only other items of note that happened while we were home was that we got the results of our first month dieting. Hedon lost 8 pounds and I lost 12. Yay!

My doctor was very happy with the weight loss, and how I’ve been doing with controlling my blood sugar. He decided not to increase my medication, and said he thought it was possible for me to get a decent enough A1C before I go for the renewal of my medical card. Hope he’s right. Then, he froze and nipped off a wart I had gotten. I think that was his weird idea of a reward for the good work. Sadly, I’m of an age now where I, too, saw it as a reward.

So, 12 pounds and one wart lighter, I headed back out on the road.

Oh, by the way, the NutriSystem diet isn’t going to work out for us. We had no idea how much food they want you to add each day, items which are extremely hard to gather every day on the road. If we were doing this at home, it would be okay, but out here in this truck, not a chance. We’ll just keep using the common sense approach we did last month, basically limiting calories and making healthy choices (and for me, counting carbs because of the diabetes).

Since we paid for all that NS food, we are eating it as it fits in our day. And, uh, it pretty much sucks across the board. Apart from the herb snack mix, we haven’t found anything yet that we can eat without a considerable amount of wincing and grimacing. Sorry, NS, but I’ll take a Fresh Fit sandwich from Subway any day over your entrees. And it’s a damned sight cheaper, too ($5 for a footlong, and that makes two complete meals).

Yum … a Tuscan chicken Fresh Fit sandwich on whole grain wheat bread, with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, raw spinach, onions, green peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, peppercinis, vinegar and a bit of olive oil. Could go for one right now.

Never thought I’d see the day I’d actually crave a Subway sandwich … well, one that wasn’t drowned in ranch dressing and loaded with bacon, at any rate. Maybe there’s hope for me after all.

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  1. 2009 June 9
    punxxi permalink

    it is fairly easy to eat low carb, just avoid all white food.(i’m type 2,diet controlled)You can get some really good low carb pasta, it is called dream fields, it is the closest thing to reg pasta you can get, they have a website you can order from. Sugar free fat free jello and jello pudding are great…we even get low carb milk, itis called carb countdown and it also comes in chocolate, there are low carb tortillas , so just about anything you want to buy you can get low carb.The one thing i missed the most was rice, but then we started buying quinoa, which you cook the same way and it is a pure protein and really tasty! Good luck on the diets!

  2. 2009 June 9

    Yay! I’m SO thrilled for both of you….8 and 12 pounds? That’s fantastic for a first month!! Like my step-father would say…if you only lost 2 pounds a week, you’d be over 100 pounds lighter in just a year. And we know how fast a year goes!

    I had been considering doing the Nutri-System too after you mentioned it, not because I can’t cook stuff in the truck, but because I thought it would be easier if I were “told” what to eat. Now that I hear you guys say it sucks, I will NEVER do it. I’m a major foodie and love great tasting food, so I would hate it!

    As for your Subway sandwich….do me a favor…try it without cheese. When I was dieting with my girlfriends, I would do Subway too and the one slice of cheese added 100 calories. When I removed the piece of cheese, I didn’t even notice it tasting any different and it gave me 100 calories to use later on in the day…usually saved for some sort of late night snack/desert item. Just a suggestion.

    Excited for you guys! Thrilled that you had a noticeable loss in your first month and glad you have the internet back. I get all jittery when there is nothing to read here at the Hags.

  3. 2009 June 9

    Congrats ladies! I love hearing this…you’ve had some pretty funny posts about your weight. But I’ve always wondered what you were going to do because you also seemed concerned about. This is good news!
    Now, put together a plan to help me stop smoking. The kicker? One that will not cause the verbal abuse or death of other human beings.

  4. 2009 June 9

    Congrats on your losses! I love all the veggies on my Subway subs too! Drives my hubby nuts. I just get them to put the veggies on my side only.

  5. 2009 June 9


    I would imagine if I managed to really lose all the weight I “need” to there could be some good comedic posts based on all the floppy loose skin dragging around on the floor behind me. :)

    As for the smoking… I’m working on a plan of some sort that doesn’t involve running four-wheelers off into the ditch every day.

  6. 2009 June 10

    punxxii–Thanks for the tip on the rice and pasta. It’s amazing how much low carb stuff is out there now. This last time home, Hedon found a tortilla with only 5 net carbs, and it had over 20 grams of dietary fiber, nearly 90% of the RDA. Pretty awesome.

    Salena–Yeah, you’d hate it, I bet. If you wanna try some, send me your address and the next time I’m home I’ll send you some of mine to try (I’d love to get rid of this stuff but feel I have to eat it since I paid for it – LOL). Good tip on the cheese, and I do sometimes have it without, but usually I’ll spend the calories to get the dairy serving.

    MG — LOL. My future plan is drugs, lots and lots of drugs — the prescription kind, of course. Too bad I can’t do Chantix (outlawed for truckers), but surely one of the other ones will, at a high enough dosage, can keep me from unleashing the smoke-free beast.

    Belle– Thanks. I think liking the cucumbers is the biggest surprise. Tried Newman’s low fat balsamic vinegar dressing the other day on a salad and discovered it really enhanced the flavor of cucumbers and tomatoes. And I didn’t mind the enhancement. Go figure.

  7. 2009 June 10

    That’s wonderful! Both of you…

    And yes, avoid white food. I also try to avoid things that come in bags. Usually not any good for you.

  8. 2009 June 13

    thanks for letting us know about the ns foods….i checked into them too after you first posted about them but didn’t see how i could make them work on the truck….i’d been waiting tho, to see what you thought about them….and major congrats on the weight loss!!…that’s fantastic…..

  9. 2009 June 14

    Thx, Decorina and Ruth Ann. :-)

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