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2009 June 19

We picked up a load the other day in downtown San Antonio. Now this was a very scurvy-looking neighborhood with tiny little streets and weird twistings of the roads so that it had taken us an incredibly long time to even get to our shipper. It was one of those “I can see the building but I have no idea how to get the truck from here to there because all the alleys leading to the building are too narrow to turn the truck into” sort of affairs. But we had finally made it and with a huge sigh of relief we entered the shipper’s gate and hit the dock.

While sitting there waiting, I noticed another truck driving up the same alley we had ended up using. Feeling some sort of weird brotherhoodly feelings for the guy, I was thinking “I feel your pain, dude” when I realized what he was actually getting ready to do. Good god! Are you kidding me?! I captured it all on film cause that driver was just as impressive as hell.

Look at this:

Someone has obviously lost their minds

Someone has obviously lost their minds

He came up the little alley right in front of the chain link fence at the edge of my shipper’s lot. He came from left to right.  In this picture his truck is mostly in an even narrower alley that ran perpendicular. You’ll notice the right arrow is pointing to one of the office guys who had walked out to speak to the driver. The office guy is standing right at the edge of the alley where the deep ditch in the abandoned lot was. Arrow on the left is pointing out the fire hydrant because I wasn’t sure you would be able to make it out through the fence.

Wow! Are you kidding me?

Wow! Are you kidding me?

Here he goes blind-siding into that dock from that little tiny alley. He has almost no forward room at all and has to avoid the fire hydrant, the bridge itself and the massive ditch at the edge of the alley. You’ll notice on the far left that several of the office-folk came out onto the dock to watch the show. I imagine it’s always entertaining to watch drivers try to hit their dock since the dock was actually the right size for a box van or a pup at most.

Nothing like a tight fit

Nothing like a tight fit

Ok… just how in the hell impressive is that?! His tractor was so close to that bridge support he couldn’t even open the driver’s side door. And it didn’t even take him all that long considering everything.

Someone always has to be a critic

Someone always has to be a critic

I figure one office guy is telling the other office guy, “I don’t know why these drivers are always bitching about our dock. Why back in the 40s when I drove a truck for a few weeks I could have hit this dock in half the time. Granted, my trailer was only 22 feet long, but what’s an extra 31 feet of trailer anyway? They’re all just a bunch of spoiled babies if you ask me.”

Oh well, Driver, they may not have been impressed but I was impressed as hell for what that’s worth. Good on you! Hope I’m that good when I’m an old coot who’s been driving twenty years.

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  1. 2009 June 19

    OMD, that is truly impressive. Just amazing. I probably would have every obstacle and never hit the dock…

  2. 2009 June 20

    Originally Posted By DecorinaOMD, that is truly impressive. Just amazing. I probably would have run over every obstacle and never hit the dock…

  3. 2009 June 20

    What fun pictures! My Eddie can do this with his eyes closed! I always say he can back into a thimble if he had to.

    Now me? I couldn’t hit that dock if someone else lined me up straight right in front of it! Since we do almost NO backing up (to docks or otherwise), I don’t get a lot of practice.

    I’m also impressed when I see guys get into a spot on the first try….effortlessly.

  4. 2009 June 20

    awww heck….i coulda done that at night, in the pourin rain and with another truck already in there……lololoolol…….seriously….very impressive….he definately deserves an “attaboy”!

  5. 2009 June 20
    Chaos permalink

    Oh Mom I bet you could have done it! It might have taken you more time, but I have complete faith in your backing abilities. : ) Also… you will always be an old coot at heart! Lol!!

  6. 2009 June 20
    punxxi permalink

    i know my ex f-i-l coud do that, he was the best and only had 1 arm…he had to go to court to get a dl, but could only drive in whatever state he lived in . Lefty is/was an amazing guy and goofy as hell. He only had his right arm and named himself lefty cos it’s the only one left. too bad his son is such an a-hole woman beating pos. too bad he drives for a liviing , gives all truckers a bad name.Agitator. and he is, too.

  7. 2009 June 20
    Stephen permalink

    Heck, plenty of car drivers out there couldn’t hit that dock in their SUV, much less a truck. With a trailer? I wouldn’t have believed it was even possible, much less that someone could just pull in and do it in a couple of minutes.

  8. 2009 June 21

    That is impressive as heck! I have nightmares about those kinds of docks……

  9. 2009 June 24

    Ok I admit that I could definitely hit the thing if I had to do it. But it was ever so much more fun to sit at my dock and just take pictures of him doing it. :)

    And… Chaos… you have to say that cause I’m your mom. But in this case you happen to be right… on both counts. :)

    And… everybody… meet the recently graduated and currently gainfully employeed YoungOne… aka Chaos. Also known for producing the cutest little thing to walk upright.

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