One month and counting

2009 July 7
by Hedon

Ok you guys… time to put your heads together and come up with an amazing idea for me. I have been trying and trying but I’ve got nothing. It’s like Fernando is on vacation in Horse Cave, KY or something. What we need here is an AWESOME birthday present for a little stinker who is turning two in exactly one month. Money is not much of an object. Noise level is no object at all – sorry Chaos.  Awesomeness is definitely required.

She already has a little ride-on train thing that makes lots of noise and has lots of twiddly numbers and alphabet bits and knobs.  She’s too young for a real bike. They don’t have room for a swing set right now. I was thinking about a little tiny swimming pool, but she’s not really into the water yet.

She also has one of those little Baby Einstein books that read a story to her if she wants it to. Of course she will get lots of books — that goes without saying — but that’s not intended to be the main thing. But what is intended to be the main thing… that’s the question.

I have every confidence in you people. So in the interest of charity hit me with your best second-birthday gift ideas. I don’t want to be the sucky, lame old grand-butch who gets her a pair of socks or something.

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  1. 2009 July 7

    I am zero help in the kid department. Zero.

    • 2009 July 7

      I’m with you… I’ve been thinking for a while now and all my ideas are so lame. Ugh.

      Or I have really cool ideas but they aren’t possible. Like getting her a jet-pack. Where the hell are our jet-packs?! I specifically remember when I was a kid that we weren’t supposed to have to drive or walk anywhere anymore by now because we were all supposed to have damned jet-packs. I want my jet-pack right now!

  2. 2009 July 7
    Chaos permalink

    Ok… somehow my comment didn’t make it! Lets try this again.

    I have some suggestions that might get Fernando going.

    1. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table (Yay more noise!)

    2. Paint & Learn Art Easel (very cute)

    3. Fisher-Price Basic Doodle Pro (yes its pink, she’ll live. Lol.)

    4. Dr. Suess Hop On Pop (or any other Dr. Suess Beginner Books, and yes I really am working on the list of books so I can send it to you)

    5. A wagon. (It doesn’t matter if it is red or green or whatever, but I think that she would really enjoy a wagon. Might want to make it plastic though, the metal ones can really hurt if you fall.)

    6. A pool. (I only mention this one because it is big enought that I can sit in the pool with her, yay, and help her get used to being in the water.)

    Also I am in the market for a nice fancy-pants messenger bag, so if you or Stace have any suggestions on where I might look, I would love to hear them.

    Hope this has helped Fernando get going. Also we hope that we will be able to see you around mine and the Kiddo’s birthdays. My last day of work is supposed to be August 7th, so if you get to be home after that, then maybe we can celebrate our birthdays together. I really want to do something nice for Kiddo’s B-day this year. Any suggestions?

    • 2009 July 7

      Oh yeah we’re definitely having a party or something.

  3. 2009 July 7
    Chaos permalink

    grrr. the link for the Basic Doodle Pro is:

  4. 2009 July 7

    Ok, She’s too young for a real bike. How about a cool tricycle? Don’t get the cheap Walmart junk. Buy, a nice one from a bike shop. She probably not too young for that. You could also start a stock portfolio for her. Combine it with a kid gift & you’re good to go.

    • 2009 July 7

      The stock portfolio is an excellent idea. I’ll have to look into that… I’ve been thinking it’s time to start her a college fund. I would seriously love it if in a few years she wanted to help pick out that year’s new stock addition to her fund. By god if I can’t get anybody to talk stocks with me now I’ll just train her up from childhood to be interested in the market. :)

  5. 2009 July 7
    Chaos permalink

    Ooh like one of those tricycles with a push bar attached?

    • 2009 July 7

      Push bar on a trike? I’ll need a link on that one — never heard of it.

  6. 2009 July 7
    punxxi permalink

    a set of drums, deffo:o)

    • 2009 July 7

      LOL! Don’t think that isn’t high on my list. :) I was just thinking it might be a couple of years too soon… but — oh my god — I hope she wants to learn the drums.

  7. 2009 July 7
    Chaos permalink

    ok.. i may have duplicated the post, but this is the second time i have tried to post something and had it not show up. anyway, these are some links to different types/colors of tricycles with push bars on them.

    • 2009 July 7

      Ok that last one is pretty kick-ass… it’s seriously adjustable so she could use it for years, it seems pretty high quality so hopefully it would last, it looks really safe what with the seatbelt and all, and (hoorah) it’s not pink.

      That last one is definitly going on the finalist list.

  8. 2009 July 7
    Chaos permalink

    why are my comments not showing up??????

    • 2009 July 7

      It was because you had more than two links. Any comment with two or more links is traditionally going to talk about penile enhancement or some sort of Medications-from-Mexico plan so they go directly into moderation for approval before posting.

  9. 2009 July 7

    I agree with Sweet Southern Belle, if you buy a tricycle or bicycle buy it from a bike shop. My local bicycle shop is all the time trying to fix the wally-world bikes that come in and it usually will cost more than what the bike originally cost. Plus most LBS will give you free (or ultra cheap) maintenance for the first year (or more) AND allow you to trade in the older bikes as they’re out-grown. It costs a little more up-front but you’ll usually recoup that in parts, maintenance, and trade-ins in no time.

    Two is such an awesome age! Unfortunately no more nieces or nephews on the way :( . I like, the Discovery store, and for educational toys.

  10. 2009 July 7
    Chaos permalink

    ooh! good to know. and what is wrong with pink anyway??

    oh and about the drum…. heh: (This was the best one that I saw on toys r us)

    we are so going to have to consider this one when she gets older though. It is so cool!!

    just thought that you might enjoy those. So how is Fernando doing? : )

  11. 2009 July 7
    Chaos permalink

    ok so i am kinda slow. the easel thingy is supposed to have a link with it, but it is at Toys R Us too. Maybe I should just call you instead. Lol.

  12. 2009 July 7
    Kate permalink

    you might not love this one– but she would…dress up box, with extra boas and the tiara and the whole works

    IF ( big if in this new world) you can find an independent toystore anywhere..they have these geo safari things, it’s like a mini computer but cards…our girl LOVED that thing and the best part you can buy more advanced cards for it…she was still playing with it when she was at least 8

    there are these baby dolls, called Corelle, or carelle, I think- can’t quite remember…they are soft like real babies and super super high quality, last forever..and boy they drag em around forever especially with the little accesories

    • 2009 July 7

      Hey Kate!

      I think she probably would like some sort of dress-up box. I wouldn’t mind the boas too much I guess but I would have to add things like a lab coat, some chaps, maybe a little motorcycle jacket, a hard hat and such… :)

      That GeoSafari thing sounds excellent. I’m definitely going to look into that. I love things that grow with a kid. And things that make lots of noise.

      I can’t see myself ever getting her a doll… but maybe Stace will.

      • 2009 July 8
        Chaos permalink

        I have a request if you do decide on a dress up box. Will you make sure it actually has a box, with a nice sturdy lid? We dont have anything to put her toys in right now, and the house is becoming one big toy box. I really should get her an actual toy box. Maybe a pink one. Bwuhahahaha!

  13. 2009 July 7

    Hello there. I had to think back to the days when my kids were that age … Legos!!! The toys travel well. A few “snap together” parts can entertain even in the car seat or stroller. Buy a bucket with basic parts, the building blocks, windows, doors, the flat platforms …ad a few fancy things like a vehicle with Lego people. Old Legos merge with new Legos and the collection never becomes outdated … my kids even took the Legos into the bathtub.

    Some two year olds are already going on the age stages of “3 and 4″ in some areas and kids love playing with Legos for a very long time.

    In this link, there’s a basic Lego bucket and a review from a woman who found the products for “2-4″ age level challenged her 18 month niece. But there are products for “0-2″ – the “2-4″ look like they are large enough to avoid choking concerns. I like how she describes the “tearing apart” fun and how the niece enjoyed playing with the container. At that age, putting stuff “in” and taking stuff “out” …then carrying it around all day is the coolest thing ever.

    “Posted: July 21, 2008…I bought this set for my niece to enjoy at my house. This rating is based on her enjoyment. She was 1 1/2 at the time of this purchase. (She is now 2). She enjoys the colors, shapes and sizes and likes to tear them apart as much as she likes to put them together. I took the flower and the window screen out and hid them and gave her the large pieces, the others will be added soon. As a bonus, the storage bin is lots of fun to play with if you are 2. My niece is very adept in motor skills, so she understood what she was supposed to do with the product. I don’t have a lot of experience with children, but I think many younger than 2 would not enjoy this product for long and would be a little confused.”

    2-4 age groups:

    0-2 age groups:

    • 2009 July 7

      Hey L,

      I didn’t think of Legos cause I thought she was still too young for them. I loved Legos when I was a kid. I will definitely look into this. Cool. Thanks.

  14. 2009 July 7
    Chaos permalink

    I love Legos!!! hey look mom they even have a pink one!!

  15. 2009 July 7

    Well, I suck at kids gifts because I have three NEPHEWS – ugh, I can’t even stand it. With girls (my best friend Vicki has a girl – she’s my surrogate-neice) I have no problem buying for….but I go for the way girlie stuff and it sounds like you don’t want to go that way.

    I’m all about the clothes although a two year old really doesn’t need clothes. And I’m all about the books, but really? At two? I mean, maybe books that you can pet or that make noise. I love the book idea.

    I like the Lego idea a lot – it’s creative and something to do with the hands and keeps them busy and wondering. Great idea.

    Another very cheap, but very useful gift (which was recommended to me by my friend Vicki – which I actually got for her kids one year) is a flashlight. From the dollar store. I bought them for all the kids I knew that Christmas – my nephews included. But I personlized them with paint pens (if you want to see a picture, email me). I put their names on them and some designs.

    They were a HUGE hit – even with the littlest one. Something about controlling light makes them gleeful. LOL

    Good luck shopping!! And Happy Birthday to the little ones…..and uh, you in a few days too, Hedon! :)

  16. 2009 July 8
    Chaos permalink

    Ooh, what about a laser pen? and just so you know o dearest Mom, I LOVE pink!!!!!! (pink hair remember?)

    Also, in case I can’t get ahold of you (since somebody keeps tying up the phone line with internet stuff!) Happy Birthday!! Kiddo and I send our love. Hopefully we will be able to get ahold of you tonight, and if it is early enough then you might be able to talk to Kiddo. You know how she is though. Tell Stace I said hi too, ok?


  17. 2009 July 8

    I only ever get books for kids.

    Alas, I am nearly always broke, which is a major reason behind the book gift rule.

    But if you want to go the loud bad ass route, how about something like this:

  18. 2009 July 8

    Oh, that thing has been discontinued. But something along those lines.

    (also: “flubbing diana” is my word verifier? Are we sure Diana would like to be flubbed? Or is it more of an epithet?)

    • 2009 July 8


      That Diana is all about the flubbing. She’s a very naughty girl… the kind you don’t take home to mother…

  19. 2009 July 8
    limericc permalink

    How about one of those battery powered motorcycles the kids like to ride.

  20. 2009 July 8
    punxxi permalink

    monster truck!
    can ya tell i never played with girlie toys?

  21. 2009 July 10

    i’m likin the super nice trike ….complete with horn and basket and handlebar streamers……one with an attachable wagon so she can take all her peeps a ride……

  22. 2009 July 10
    Chaos permalink

    Hey Mom, what is the difference between these two bikes, because I don’t see it. (other than the seatbelt)

    Kettler Kettrike Happy Navigator Tricycle

    Kettler Kettrike Jumbo Tricycle with Seatbelt

  23. 2009 July 19

    Ok you guys… now I’ve gone from no good ideas to too many good ideas! How am I ever supposed to narrow it down to a reasonable quantity? Thank goodness Christmas isn’t too far away. :)

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