Quick PSA

2009 July 24
by Hedon

Just a quick little PSA to all the truckers out there… but specifically to the stupid stupid woman driving the purple Prime Freightliner eastbound on I-40 in New Mexico this afternoon… you know who you are, you stupid stupid bitch.

If you are driving 55 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour speed zone…

And if you are going to make yourself a sandwich or turn the tv channel or work on your log book or give yourself a manicure or whatever the hell while you are driving down the road 55 mph…

And if you are going to drift about 18 inches across the center line while an innocent trucker is trying to pass you…

And the biggest if of all — if you barely avoid a crash because said innocent bystander trucker who was passing you takes the tiny left shoulder and then has to keep going onto the dirt strip next to the highway all the while laying on the air-horn trying to get you to pull your stupid head out of your stupid ass and get back in your own damn lane…

If all those things should happen… don’t smile and wave when the trucker you just ran off onto the dirt gets up even with you. Smiling and waving is for people who don’t want to force you off the road on the next curve.

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  1. 2009 July 24

    Look, my big ol’ dream has always been to have a big ol’ purple Kenworth. I don’t know if the stupid bitch was driving a Kenworth or not. If she was? And it was purple? I am going on your next trip with you (I know, I know, I would probably disrupt the hell out of you and Maggie would probably find me annoying, and you would leave me at a truck stop somewhere for talking too much) and helping you track her down and slap her right in the mouth.

    • 2009 July 24

      We think you would be GREAT on a roadtrip — call anytime you’re ready to head out.

      She did need a good firm smack in the mouth even though it wasn’t a Kenworth it was a Freightliner. Stupid woman is looking at a very short career if that’s how she’s gonna drive. At least I hope it’s a short career.

  2. 2009 July 24
    Chaos permalink

    Slap her once for me mongoliangirl! How dare she put my parents at risk!! I am so glad you guys are ok! (o good lord i’m tearing up a little) Kiddo and I send our love.

    • 2009 July 24

      No worries, YoungOne. You know me — I was completely and utterly in control of the situation. Worse case scenario was that we would have ended up sitting in the median with the truck a little dinged up around the bottom… and since we’re not in a Volvo anymore that wouldn’t be such a terrible thing now would it? :)

      We’re totally fine just pissed off at the stupidity.

  3. 2009 July 24

    dammit girl, they’re everywhere!…..and if ya’ll need any help with that bitchslappin stuff, count us in!….just glad you made it thru safe!

  4. 2009 July 24

    OMG, she had the audacity to wave at you?

    ditto to what Mongolian Girl said and I quote:



    • 2009 July 30

      Can you believe that?! Just smiling and waving after running me off in the dirt.

  5. 2009 July 25

    Great, well, some say that they should give wimmen driver’s licenses…no, wait…

    I know how you feel. Yesterday while driving a 25T WS tow truck NB on 435 in KC I almost got a little blue Jap car as a hood ornament. The idiot driving it was trying to read a map on the passenger seat, going 45 in the center lane while traffic zoomed by him at about 75mph or so. I finally laid on the air horn to wake is sorry ass up…and he slammed on the brakes. Asshole. Well, that’s what anyone would do when faced with a vehicle 12 inches away from your back bumper that weighs 50 times what you do isn’t it?

    So glad you were able to stay in control, but smiling and waving??? Do you have a CB? Gah.

    • 2009 July 30

      Ohhhh I hate those, too. I mean honestly pull over to read your damned map. Or at the very least get in the right damn lane where you belong. Idiots.

  6. 2009 July 29

    I loooooove outright hostility.

    • 2009 July 30

      You’ve come to the right place. It bubbles up around here all the time. :)

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