Taking stock

2009 July 28
by Hedon

It’s half way through our working month so I figured this would be a good time to take stock of the Fit for Life Diet situation. I’ve been doing it for two weeks now in the truck so I figure that’s more than long enough to get an idea if it’s going to work or not. I actually have quite a few observations about the whole thing:

The Fruit

As I think I mentioned before, one of the major rules of the Fit for Life plan is that you only eat fruit in the morning. Preferably fresh fruit. Clearly I wasn’t going to be able to carry all that much fresh fruit in the truck because of space issues and also because it would go bad before I could eat it all. So last month when I was shopping to load the truck for this month I bought a bunch of canned fruit. I made sure they were all no-sugar-added and went for a good variety of stuff.

What I found out this month is that I may have liked canned mixed fruit cocktail when I was a kid but that ship has apparently sailed. Ugh. The grapes were slimy, the pears gritty, and the last can I forced down didn’t even have the damn little cherry half in it. Also, mandarin oranges are not an eat-a-whole-can-by-themselves sort of food. Sigh. The pineapple was very good but I only bought a few cans of it because I thought I would prefer variety. Not so much.

The “Hit the truckstop salad bar with a to-go order container and wipe them out of whatever fresh fruit they happen to have on hand plan” has actually worked fairly well. I did it a couple of times a got a good haul each time. Enough for a couple of days. Problem is that we’ve been running a lot of timed-transit loads and who wants to spend thirty minutes of your precious time raiding a salad bar? Also, the cashiers do tend to look at you funny when you fill your entire container with watermelon chunks. And I’m pretty sure it is the most expensive watermelon in the known universe, too, so it’s not like I want that to become an everyday thing.

I remember in the hazy distant past when I used to buy donuts... sigh.

I remember in the hazy distant past when I used to buy donuts... sigh.

Today we had about 12 hours off between loads so I determined to take our empty trailer over to the shipper, drop it and bobtail to find a grocery store to restock my fresh fruit supply. I managed to buy just a ton of fresh fruit that will last me at least a week and I bought some canned too for when that runs out. If I have fresh fruit around, I’m much more likely to eat larger quantities which is a good thing on this plan. When I restocked my canned fruit supply, all I got was pineapple and peaches. At least I know I like them.


Last month Subway had become a staple of ours even though we’ve never really been big fans before. It leaped forward in the rankings of fast food that we hoped to find at our next fuel stop for a couple of reasons. First, Stace can get a sandwich on whole wheat with lots of veggies, turkey breast or something, and minimal carbs. That’s a good thing. Second, if we each get foot longs we can’t possibly eat the whole thing anymore so the other half goes straight in the cooler to be eaten later. Always nice to have something around that you can eat in the middle of your driving shift. So amazingly the Subway thing was working out better than we might have expected.

Here’s the problem… because of crazy Fit for Life voodoo-science stuff, I can’t have meat and bread at the same meal anymore. This really screws up sandwiches. But I have been faithful to the spirit of the thing and therefore ordering the foot-long Veggie Delight on whole wheat bread. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this before, but the Veggie Delight is not terribly delightful. I know our cousins across the pond seem to go crazy over cucumber sandwiches, but I guess I’m just too low-rent to hop onboard the cuke express.

I’ve tried several different things, but I just can’t get my mind around a sandwich that is basically just bread, cheese and veggies. I’ve tried thinking of it as a fancy-pants grilled cheese sandwich that happens to have a pile of veggies on it. No dice. Since I enjoy eating a big salad with a good crusty piece of bread, I’ve tried thinking of it as basically just a salad with the bread conveniently attached. Nope. I’ve even tried thinking of it as a turkey sandwich with lots of veggies and telling myself I just can’t taste the turkey thanks to all the smoking over the years. No matter what I try… sigh… there’s still that little shudder when I get ready to take a bite and Fernando screams with every bite that a veggie sandwich is just “icky” along with various other stupid crap, of course.

So the Subway thing isn’t going too well for me right now. I guess I’ll just have to keep working on it. If you all have any ideas on how to make a veggie sandwich appealing I’d appreciate them. I should point out that it’s not really that it tastes bad — it tastes pretty much like what you might expect. It’s just the idea that’s causing all the problems.

The Water

Hahahaha! I am so not drinking any water to speak of. I know. I know. I was doing so good there for a few days, too. But I don’t think I’ve ever fully explained how much I love Diet Coke. I’m going to have to get back on the wagon, though. I’ll probably start tomorrow… or the next day.

The Exercise?

Hahahah!  Oh my lord, you guys crack me up! You didn’t really think I was suddenly going to start power walking or dancing to the oldies in the parking lot or something, did you? It’s still pretty much limited to taking Maggie out to play and now that it’s so hot everywhere we’ve been lately even that has to be done in the middle of the night. Not that Ms Mags seems to mind much. It gives her more time to nap.

Speaking of Maggie, earlier tonight Stace was asleep on her bunk and I was in the driver’s seat working on the new theme when suddenly I thought ‘what do you suppose Maggie is up to?’ cause it had been quite a while since she had been up in the front with me. I slipped through the curtain into the back and this is what greeted me:

Thank goodness she didn't drool on my pillow!

Thank goodness she didn't drool on my pillow!

Love to watch her squirm around to get exactly where she wants to be under the covers. She always works it until the covers come up just below her front legs. At least the dog has everything all figured out. Wish I did. Oh well… there may be lots of set-backs this month but the important thing is that I am (mostly) following the spirit of the plan and doing the best I can. Guess that’s better than nothing. Won’t know if I’m actually accomplishing anything weight-wise until we go home. I think I may have lost some though cause I was washing my hands in a truck stop bathroom and looked in the mirror and it seemed to me that my face looked all saggy. That’s a good sign, right? Right?

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  1. 2009 July 29

    Oh! Absolutely! Sagging skin means success. So do wrinkles and graying hair. That’s what I tell myself all the time!
    I luuuuuuuuuurrrrrve it when you post about what you’re doing with your food plan. And yes, following the spirit of a plan has got to be better than what I’m normally inclined to do.

  2. 2009 July 29

    Also? I just read your little note below about being a ‘crazy web-guru-like’. Could this be me?
    Let’s see. i>YESiNOi<

    Why yes, yes I did just play around with little symbols in your comments section to see if I know one damn thing.

  3. 2009 July 29

    Yeah, I don’t know shit.

    • 2009 July 30

      Dang and I was just planning to send you a long email asking how to finish up the last few things I want to tweek on the new theme… :)

  4. 2009 July 29

    Oh my yes, sagging anything is a sure sign of success. The sucess of gravity that is, which is definitly NOT on our team. I just continue to gain weight. Two pounds last month. And my thyroid meds are on stun – thought it would help me lose. Sigh.

    It looks like you are working it out, though. The only successful diet I used while driving was Atkins. I lost weight, but was very constipated (I know, TMI).

    • 2009 July 30

      I tried the Atkins once on the road a million years ago before Stace was driving. It didn’t really work for me, but Stace eventually figured out that the problem was that I ate nothing but ham chunks all month… oh and some cheese cubes. I guess that wasn’t really in the spirit of the thing when you think about it. Can’t remember if I was constipated or not, but I can say that when half of the food you eat everyday is fruit… well that’s not really a problem.

  5. 2009 July 29

    Girl, no matter what, i think you are doing great. Dont tell Ruth Ann about the diet you no what drink…hahaha..she used to be really hooked on it also..we have yet benn able to figure out to use our WI on the truck so we have not been doing good at the workout stuff. Anyway….keep up the good work and the the great blogs… Brad

    • 2009 July 30

      Thanks Brad!

      Do you guys like that Wii? I have been thinking I might like to get one.

  6. 2009 July 30

    I love hearing about your food plan too – the more you do, the more I want to do. Although I’ve been doing SUPER SHITTY lately. We have to get back on track. I not only bought more food today but also the latest Woman’s World magazine which had four of the biggest loser girls in there. AMAZING.

    Great post. I’m rooting for you! And I can’t believe Maggie sleeps under the covers, dare I say….like a human. LOL

    • 2009 July 30

      Thanks Ms Salena!

      I admit that I could be doing better, but just keep telling myself that at least I’m doing better than I did last month. Except for the diet coke, of course. I would think it would be much harder for you guys since you have the ability to cook anything you want any time. That would be tough.

      I know about Mags! At night when we all go to sleep she sleeps under the covers, too. But usually down by my feet god help her. :)

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