And yet another miracle

2009 July 31

Today was the big day. DOT physical time. Three months of stress all coming down on this big day.

I passed! Got a one year certification. I never thought I’d be so happy to get a one year cert. I never thought I’d be so happy to keep my job.

It’s crazy. I feel like it will take some time to sink in that it’s over for now, and that I’ve got a whole year to make it all as perfect as it can be.

It was no biggie that I didn’t have an A1C. And they didn’t even test my BG. They did, of course, see that there was no sugar in my urine sample, so I guess that must have sufficed. The only problem was with my blood pressure.

The nurse, when she took my BP, shook her head at me. She said something like, “It’s too high.”

I said, “How high?”

She said, “141 over 69.”

I said, “But that’s good enough for a one year cert, right?”

She said, “Not anymore. They’ve raised the standards.”

I said, “Huh? But … but … what about three months? I could still get three months, right?”

She said, “Maybe,” but looked like she actually meant no. “Maybe three or six months.”

I said, “You mean, that could be it? No certification? I’m out of a job?”

She shrugged.

So I didn’t say anything else, for two reasons. One, I was in shock. And two, I was like, six months? I didn’t even know there was a six month cert.

I reeled through the rest of the nonsense, then while waiting on the doctor to come in to do his part, I just sat on that stupid table, completely overwhelmed. All this worrying over the diabetes, and it’s going to be my blood pressure that does me in? I wanted to lay down on that table and cry.

The doctor finally came in and started doing his thing. Some questions, breathe in, breathe out, whacking the knee with the reflex hammer thing, poke, poke. I said as little as possible, thinking to myself that I would wait until the end of the exam to begin begging for a reprieve. I wished he weren’t such a reserved fellow.

At long last, the doctor told me that he was sorry, but the top number of the blood pressure has to be below 140, and mine was 141. As a result, he could only give me a one year certification. I burst into stupid, ridiculous tears right there on the spot.

He was, as you might expect, a bit taken aback by this crazy display, but he relaxed somewhat when I explained that I thought he was going to deny me a card.

I tried to lighten things up by saying, “I bet it’s not every day that you have big old truckers in your exam rooms bursting into tears.” Yeah, well, he wasn’t up for that. Whatever. I had my card. And I was out of there.

Only later, when I was calmer, did I wish that I had taken a moment on my way out to give that nurse the evil eye. New standards. Six month certification. All bunk. Maybe she likes messing with people. Or maybe she’s just an idiot. Who knows. It still would have been worthy of an evil eye.

And so ends the story of my miracle. I’m going to sleep better tonight, thanks to these two latest miracles, than I have in months. Ahhh. I can’t wait.

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  1. 2009 July 31
    Chaos permalink

    YYYYAAAAYYYY!!! I am so happy for you Aunt Stacey!!!! god I cant think of anything else to say except WWWWOOOOO HHHOOOOO!!!!

    *does the happy happy joy joy dance*

    Congratulations from me and the kiddo. We both love you bunches!!!!!!

  2. 2009 July 31

    Yea for you!!! I bet a year certification feels like a miracle, an oasis in the desert, and a thrill like losing three pants sizes, all in one. And that nurse, she IS a Stink Eye …you don’t treat people like that …she’s taking out her “inner wierdo” on the patient.

    And this post is something I can relate to, since today I got news from the doctor via phone that test results on thyroid level, Calcium, Vitamin D are good …no more “poking” on me for 3 months. Quite a switch in direction when results from last week brought forecasts of gloom and doom, geez. Life is odd sometimes.

  3. 2009 August 1

    EXCELLENT news! Congratulations!
    And yeah, wasting time on the stupid nurse just isn’t worth it. Foolishness = her.

  4. 2009 August 1
    Belledog permalink

    Stace: SUCH good news. Very happy about the one year certification, and expect you will be in even healthier shape next year.

    FWIW: my BP’s been up a little yesterday, despite all the bike riding. Keeping an eye on it, because might have to do another full DOT physical soon.

    Have heard a lot of DOT testers will take several BP measurements over course of appointment, since BP fluctuates. Too bad you got a Nurse Ratched wannabe. And doesn’t sound like the doctor rechecked BP.

    Your BP reading was better than mine sometimes is. I am wondering if you could have gotten a full cert, had they tested again.

    At any rate, congrats, and best to you and Hedon!

  5. 2009 August 1
    punxxi permalink

    Didn’t you notice that her name was Nurse Ratchett? WTG on your cert!

  6. 2009 August 2

    :: Trumpets Blaring ::


    :: Streamers and balloons falling from sky ::

    More congratulations!!!

    :: Salena and Eddie bursting into a song and dance routine ::

    OK, not really. But I am cheering and doing a little happy dance in my head. Woot! Woot!

    So glad to hear the news!! And what’s one screwy little BP point? Sheesh.

    You have been diligent and dedicated and it paid off. Now you get to ride around in your cushy, smooth Cascadia a little longer. Good for you!!!

    Hello to Maggie!! I’m sure she’s glad her Mommy can still haul her around the country!

    , ,” e `—o
    (( ( | ___,’
    \\~————————-’ \_;/
    ( /
    /) ._________________. )
    (( ( (( (
    “- ‘ “-’

  7. 2009 August 2

    OK….all that gibberish at the bottom of the post was supposed to look like a dachsund…and it did, until I hit “post”. Dammit. lol

  8. 2009 August 2

    Chaos — Thanks for the congrats. And the happy happy joy dance. Ha!

    L — Thx. And congrats to you on three poke-free months!

    MG — Appreciate the congrats — thx much. :-)

    Belledog — Thx. Yeah, some will give you a bit of time to see if the BP will go down, then take it again. This was one that wouldn’t. It was all an automated gizmo. It took your pulse at the same time. I hadn’t seen one like it before.

    Punxxi — Thx. And, I REALLY should have checked her name tag before letting her near me.

    Salena — Thx, girlfriend. You know, if you look at the gibberish just right, it still kind of looks like a dachsund, if its head were on backwards, and it didn’t have any hind legs, and it had something really freaky going on with its butt. :-)

  9. 2009 August 2

    this is the best news!!!….congratulations!!!!!!!….so happy for you……where did you have your physical done??…every place is different….but i’m due in oct and i wanna go where you went….lol…piggyback in on your mojo!….i’m so proud of you!…atta girl!!

  10. 2009 August 3

    lol@ Stace … it does still look (kinda) like a dachsund, now that I take another look with your observation in mind – very cute text drawing Salena.

  11. 2009 August 4

    Don’t know where the hell my comment went, lol.

    I was saying it wasn’t FAIR to give someone a blood pressure check after giving them stressful thoughts. Not fair at all.

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