Top 10 cheat list

2009 August 8
by Stace

I’ve been on this diet for three extremely long months now, and it has begun to wear me down. I’m fairly resigned to the carb-counting because of the diabetes; it’s the calorie-counting that is annoying me.

I haven’t been, this past month, as perfectly conscientious on the calorie-counting as I had been the previous two months. I’d say about half the time I’ve been hitting the goal of 1,400-1,500 a day, and the other half going up as high as 2,000. I’m supposed to be home in the next three or four days. No telling what the scales will report (though I feel positive I haven’t gained anything).

While I hope I’ve lost some more weight, I don’t anticipate a large number this time. I’m thinking it will be 5-10 pounds. And really, that’s okay. I mean, I’m not in some big hurry. This is the rest of my life I’m dealing with here, and if I have hungry days where I can’t keep the calories low, then so be it. Or maybe I’m just trying to justify the cheating. Ha!

Anyway, the cheat urges were bound to hit me eventually, and this month has been big. Here are my top 10 cheat urges, and level of success resisting said urges:

1. Ben and Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie and Cinnamon Ice Cream. Have you ever had this stuff? It is to die for, and this is coming from me, a woman who has always felt that any ice cream which is not chocolate is a waste of time. I can eat a whole container of this stuff without even thinking about it, and I mean the big container, not that tiny pointless one. Resistance success level: 100% (before you get all proud of me, I must confess that this cheat item is nearly impossible to find on the road, so it’s not like it’s been waved in front of me and I steadfastly demurred).

2. Ben and Jerry’s Creme Brulee Ice Cream. There should accent marks over some of those vowels, but I don’t know how to do that, so imagine they are there. My god. This creme brulee ice cream is so deliciously wonderful I can’t describe it. I had a dream, the other night, that I was eating some of it, and was in such ecstasy that I woke up. Resistance success level: 100% (same caveat as #1).

3. Ice cream, period. Hey, it’s summer, and in the past, over 90% of my annual ice cream consumption occurred in the summer, hence all these crazy ice cream urges. Resistance success level: 100% (no caveat on this one, since you can find ice cream just about everywhere out here. When I get home, I’m finding some sugar-free ice cream and completely having my way with it).

4. Double cheeseburger. I do love me a double cheeseburger, though I know I should stay away. The calories are enormous, the saturated fat off the charts, and the buns are always white bread. Still … (imagine some whining here) … they are so very yummy. Especially if you add bacon. Of course, everything is better with bacon. Ice cream is probably better with bacon, though I have no actual proof of that. Resistance success level: 90% (I’ve given in twice, both times at Wendy’s. Still a good resistance percentage, though, when you consider I obsess about double cheeseburgers every day).

5. Biscuits and gravy. Because of the diabetes, I will likely never, ever, get to have biscuits and gravy again, or at least, not in any quantity that would make it worthwhile. And this makes me oh so very sad. Biscuits and gravy and I have loved one another for over 40 years. Though we can no longer be together, I still think of B&G every single day. ::::sniff::: Resistance success level: 100%.

6. French fries. I find it odd that I’ve been having cheat urges over french fries. Before starting this diet, I was pretty sick of french fries, and didn’t eat them very often. I think this urge is all about wanting something simply because I can’t have it. I hate it when I do that. Damn me. Resistance success level: 100%.

7. Giant rib steak. I love red meat. All of this trying to avoid red meat is seriously taking a toll on me. I want a gigantic 20 ounce rib steak sitting helplessly on a platter, with no way to defend itself from my flashing fork and knife. Yumm. Resistance success level: 0% (basically, if I can find a decent rib steak, I’ve been eating it. I’d be eating one right now if there was a steakhouse nearby).

8. Buffalo wings. With ranch dressing. Mmmm. Love it. Hate the calories, though. Resistance success level: 90% (I had them once, in Boise, after successfully passing my physical — bad to be celebrating with food, I know).

9. Pizza. This is another cheat urge that I find odd. I haven’t been crazy about pizza for years, but apparently, put me on a diet and I’m suddenly a pizza fiend. Resistance success level: 60-70% (had pizza a few times, but only ate the crispy edge of the crust in consideration of the diabetes).

10. Chicken fried steak. If it’s done right, it’s scrumptious. I spent a good ten minutes the other night, while driving, fantasizing about my favorite chicken fried steak, all lusciously crispy under creamy white gravy, with a big pile of mashed potatoes on the side, also blanketed with cream gravy. Ohhh myyy. I can’t think about this anymore. Resistance success level: 100%.

That’s 10. I’ve also had urges for red beans and rice, chicken and dumplings, spaghetti, lasagna, enchiladas, nachos, etc. … really, if it’s carby or high calorie, I’ve likely fantasized about it at some point in the last month.

Looking over my list, I guess I haven’t been too bad, really. Considering. Heh.

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  1. 2009 August 8
    RogueShadow permalink

    Congrats on resisting! I have a hard time to convincing myself to go on a diet let alone sticking to one. I know that you don’t really have much of a choice, but either way I still think you are doing great, and definitely someone to look up to. Again Congrats.

  2. 2009 August 8
    Chaos permalink

    Yay for you! So just wanted to ask, you can’t have red meat? I’m confused because I didn’t know that red meat was bad for you. Have I miss understood? Anyway I think you are doing really well and I am really proud of you. Although I have to say that I would expect nothing less of you because every time we have been on a diet you were always the one who cheered me and Mom on. Yay Aunt Stacey!

  3. 2009 August 8

    I feel your pain! Cheeseburgers call out to me – seriously!!! I’ve been really good on the ice cream though… Edy’s makes some rather nice slow-churned (less fat) no-sugar-added ice creams if the urge strikes you. My biggest weakness is pasta!

  4. 2009 August 8

    I think you’re doing pretty good too – especially since you have developed immunity to French Fries. And who couldn’t avoid dreaming about Wendy’s double cheese burgers and a good steak (served on china, with steak knife/fork and steak sauce at the side) …makes me want to run over to Applebee’s for the 9 oz. porterhouse. Not that it’s the best of the best, but for some reason I feel less guilty eating the steak and baked potato over there vs. gobbling up all the calories from a Round Table pizza ..go figure.

    p.s. I am sick oh so sick of salads … you’re list made me crave all the comfort food of the colder months.

  5. 2009 August 9

    Wow. Amazing. You have done just amazing! I’m not big on ice cream, so those first three wouldn’t be too much of a problem for me. Oh, I like it, I just don’t crave it….but I’d like to try that oatmeal one.

    As for the other stuff….I’d have the hardest time staying away….especially for three months.

    You’ve done SO well!! I’m so happy for you and glad you’re still relatively sticking to your plan pretty closely. Keep it up!

  6. 2009 August 9
    punxxi permalink

    You are really doing great! If you can’t live without the burger, just throw the bread away,that cuts down on those nasty carbs.

  7. 2009 August 9

    congrats on the willpower!!…but now you’ve got me wantin to pencil in the oatmeal cookie and cinnamon icecream on my grocery list!….i hear those double cheese burger calls too and frequently give in to them… for pasta, you can’t find it on the road, but at home we’ve switched over to the whole grain pasta and we are actually liking it better……keeping to this way of eating is never gonna be easy but it’s extremely hard out here…..i’m just so proud of you!!

  8. 2009 August 9

    Rogue — Thx. One day at a time, I guess.

    Chaos — Thx, especially for the cheering on comment. I think that’s a nice way of saying I nagged you both to death. LOL.

    Sayre — Cool. I’ll keep a look out for Edy’s when I get home. Thx.

    L — Sorry to set off some cravings in you. I’m pretty sick of the salads, too. Been switching up my dressings a lot to try to give it some interest. Semi-successful. What I’d really love is some broccoli or cauliflower or green beans for a change. Seems impossible to get out here, though.

    Salena — Do not, I repeat, do not try the oatmeal and cinnamon ice cream. It may sound pretty innocuous, but it’s not. It’s evil incarnate and will haunt your dreams, just like the creme brulee.

    Punxxi — Yeah, I’ve done that. It’s just not the same as the complete burger, bun and all. I’ve thought that maybe I could find some whole grain buns and bring them out for these double cheeseburger emergencies, and just do a switcheroo with the white bread buns.

    Ruth Ann — Same warning to you as Selena about the ice cream– Danger! I’ve got to give the whole grain pasta a try sometime. Maybe when the craving is at its height. Hedon found some last month, but I could only have like two ounces of it, so I was like, nevermind, and had an omelet instead.

  9. 2009 August 10
    Chaos permalink

    Aww you didn’t nag us to death… : ) I honestly think that you are a very strong person and I admire your willpower. (In case I haven’t told you lately, I love you.) Anyway, I am glad to know that I have two such awsome parents. Congrats to you both on sticking with it.

    Also my Captcha is: ing suffers. So at least Ing is suffering along with you. : )

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