Something I don’t do

2009 August 12
by Stace

I did something tonight that I usually don’t do — I emailed both my state senators and my U.S. congressman. About health care … President Obama’s health care plan.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been reading, with increasing dismay, the articles about how the right has been mobilizing its legions of ignorant masses to appear at Democratic town hall meetings, etc., and shout and loudly re-spew all the fabrications and outright lies which they have been fed by the likes of his Royal Assness Rush Limbaugh and his corporate-shill pals.

Normally, I don’t much care what these unfortunate fools do with their spare time, as long as they aren’t hanging around near me. However, this latest article about their antics had me concerned that they might, eventually, be successful in convincing us that “Americans” don’t want health care reform. It is this which prompted me to actually write notes to my senators and congressman, two of whom are Republicans, so I probably needn’t have even bothered with them. I wrote anyway.

I told them I support national health care reform and President Obama’s health care plan.

This statement, technically speaking, is not entirely true. I want actual nationalized health care, not this plan which funnels our money through the insurance corporations’ greedy maws. However, I’m not ever, ever, ever going to get what I actually want. I think that’s been sufficiently proven by now. Therefore, I am finally willing to settle. I’ll take Obama’s plan. It’s far better than nothing.

And nothing is what we’ll continue getting if we let these rabble-rousers on the right have their way yet again. They will say, “Yeah, we need reform, but not this reform — let us think about it some more and we’ll get back to you.” Which is basically the same thing I’ve been hearing the majority of my adult life. And they just keep talking and talking and promising and promising, and nothing ever happens, nothing ever changes. Which is, of course, their actual plan for health care.

I’m sick and tired of it. I’m now willing to take what is far less than perfect, rather than be left with nothing.

Many years ago, I knew some folks at a company whose owner had decided to give the company to the employees rather than sell it. The infighting began almost immediately, with the whole fracas escalating in record time to claims and counterclaims of favoritism, falseness, etc., between the employees over how much a percentage everyone would get. It was ugly and finally, got so ugly, the owner rescinded her offer and eventually sold the company. Because of their greed over who got what, all the employees got nothing.

This health care debate is basically the same scenario. Fighting, finger pointing, yelling over who will get what, how this side won’t get enough, and this side will get too much, and these people over here shouldn’t get anything. If we let these arguments take over, we will indeed, like the employees mentioned above, get nothing.

I currently have health insurance. It’s decent enough, though I have no illusions that it would see me through a really major illness. Still, I have it. This hasn’t always been true. Most of my adult life, I couldn’t afford insurance. So I gambled. Like some 50 million Americans are currently doing, many of whom are dying or living half-lives because they lost the bet.

I’m fed up with a lifetime of nothing, and I’d hate to see us get exactly that because a small group of numbnuts think they can influence an entire nation. It’s time for us to get something, even something that’s far from what I wanted. That’s Pres. Obama’s plan. I’ll take it. Please.

On a side note — If I read of one more senior citizen screeching about how “we” can’t afford to pay for this plan, the same senior citizen who is currently covered by Medicare, I think the overload of their sheer, oblivious hypocrisy may cause me to have a cerebral meltdown. And I bet my insurance doesn’t cover that. Death panel, indeed.

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  1. 2009 August 12

    Hear hear Stace. I too gambled for years and years without insurance. I just couldn’t afford it. And I agree with you that we need socialized medicine in the US. If we have to settle for Obama’s plan then I’m with you. Things just can’t continue the way they are.

  2. 2009 August 12
    Kate permalink

    I agree, unfortunately. I don’t think we can afford anything we’re doing. But it’s always the personal- and I’ve been without health care for 20 years now, can’t see affording it anytime in the near future.

  3. 2009 August 12

    I’m with you. Completely agree – something is better than nothing. And greed always gets people in trouble – and usually, it’s not the rich ones who wind up with nothing.

  4. 2009 August 12
    limericc permalink

    Our current system is a complete failure, except for the very wealthy. My retirement pays for my insurance for another two years. I will not be able to afford it on my own after that time.
    Yes, the Obama plan isn’t perfect but it is a huge step in the right direction.
    Lets hear what the other side proposes… thats right NOTHING !!!

  5. 2009 August 13
    Anonymous permalink

    if you think the obama health plan is a good thing you should move to a country that has a plan like his now….why should we as tax payers pay for your insurance??

    • 2009 August 14

      Actually, we elected him in part so that this country could have the health care plan. If you think you would rather not have a comprehensive health care plan, maybe you should move to a country that doesn’t have one and isn’t planning to get one anytime soon. Why should we be the ones to leave? We overwhelmingly elected him — if you all can’t accept that maybe you should be the ones looking elsewhere.

      We as tax payers pay for tons of things that don’t benefit us personally. Why should I as a taxpayer have to pay taxes to support the school system when I don’t have any school-age children? Why should I have to pay for farm subsidies with my tax dollars? Why should I have to pay for fire departments, and the CDC, and the FBI when I have no contact with any of those groups?

      Somewhere right now there is a secret service guy following George W Bush around and drawing a salary that I pay for with my tax dollars. Why should I be forced to pay to protect a man that I personally feel should be sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial?

  6. 2009 August 14

    Obama’s health care plan is not perfect – but I’ll take it over what we currently have. It’s a step – no matter how little it is – in the right directions. It’s not the socialized and subsidized health care we expect but it’s better than the crap we call healthcare system now.

    Nobody gets it right the first time. I am willing to try Obama’s plan if it means paving the way for a better solution in the future.

  7. 2009 August 15

    I just posted my own plan on my site I think it was wednesday. And you are absolutely right on in this post.

  8. 2009 August 16

    Hedon to Anonymous – boy, you’re so right.

    And Anonymous? Perhaps you should watch Michael Moore’s “Sicko” and see how many other countries have better health care and healthier residents than we have – Canada, France, United Kingdom, even CUBA.

    I truly don’t understand how you justify not helping people less fortunate. Hedon is right…we do pay taxes for things we don’t use…I don’t have kids either, yet I have to pay those taxes too – in addition to everything else.

    We ARE going to have a health care plan, one way or another….so just start dealing with it.

  9. 2009 August 16
    Belledog permalink

    Here’s President Obama’s NYTimes op ed today.

    Why We Need Health Reform

    For all we know, anonymous is already on Medicare. Or is absolved from worrying about his or her parents because they’re on Medicare.

    I wish the naysayers realized how much they benefit from public funding and sharing the burden across generations.

    The selfishness in this country is rotting us from within.

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