Today’s your day, peon

2009 September 7
by Stace

So, it’s Labor Day. I actually have the day off, which is odd. Anyway, what’s there to say about Labor Day?

I don’t know much about this holiday. I assume it is a celebration day for all us worker peons out here. Labor Day, being in the fall, probably has its roots in oldtime harvest festivals.

If I believed in reincarnation, I figure I was probably a peasant in a former life, say in the Middle Ages. Around this time of year I’d be harvesting crops (me, my husband, and our 15 children and 55 grandchildren — fecundity is what I was all about). We’d all be serfs, bound to the land and our lord, the obnoxious guy who lives in a castle about two days journey from our quaint-if-you-don’t-mind-a-little-diphtheria village.

We’d be slaving away in the fields, and I would likely be bitching about how half of our crop would be going to the lord. I’d be thinking about how if we’d all just stick together and refuse to give up so much of our hard-earned food, then Mr. High and Mighty would have no choice but to cave in to our demands.

All that thinking and grousing would put a damper on the night’s harvest fete, so like a good peasant, I’d drink a half dozen pints of barley ale and quickly join the party.

I’d do this year after year, until I died at age 45. Then I’d be reborn as a different serf. Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat, so on and so forth, until you find me now, in 2009, a serf, yet again, and still bitching about The Man.

This is one of the main reasons why I can’t get into reincarnation: it’s too dull, pointless and hopeless.

I suppose I could imagine a past life in which I was some fabulously wealthy and powerful Earl or something, but that’s ridiculously depressing. Look at what a come-down I’ve had! I’d be like those sad men who were football stars in high school but in middle age become used car salesmen who rehash their glory days every morning at the local greasy spoon. Ugh. Depressing.

Yes, I would have Nirvana to look forward to at some distant point in the future … some extremely distant point in the future. It’s not good enough, though, because I don’t have the patience.

Therefore, no reincarnation for me. Doing this shit once is more than plenty.

I’m annoyed. It’s because I’ve been following the news too much of late. I’m giving it up again, but before I do, here’s a prediction:

The Republicans will continue to play their role as the evil dark lords leading their slavering masses of spoon-fed pod-people into battle against the poor, benighted and well-meaning Democrats who want nothing more than to help the needy and protect the innocent (like the non-wealthy people, and the trees, and the air, and the critters, and so forth).

The Democrats would like to do more to help others, but those terrible Republicans just won’t listen to reason and halt their diabolical ways. The Democrats have to cave to many of the Republicans’ demands, because … well, they haven’t said, though it’s clear that being the overwhelming majority isn’t enough to stop the Repubs. Damn those evil Republicans! And oh, those sad, sad helpless Democrats. <insert hand-wringing here>

Or you could look at it like this:

The Democrats will continue to play their roles as closet socialists, plotting to undermine the very capitalistic fabric of our great nation, causing all right-minded individuals to back the brave Republicans who dare to go against the majority and fight the good fight against evil Marxists.

Oh, the righteous Republicans can’t stop those twisted, anti-working-man Democrats from taking over corporations and banks, no matter how hard the gallant Repubs try, but they sure as hell will not stop fighting until they defeat the notion of affordable health care for everyone. The line has to be drawn somewhere, right? By God!

Ugh … I’m sick of it all. Same old play, and mostly all the same old players. It’s like reincarnation: dull, pointless and hopeless.

I’m bored. Enough already. Just make with the screwing and knock off all the antics.

I may simply be a peon, but I know where all my hard-earned crops are going. The same place they’ve always gone. Now, where’s the booze? It’s my fuckin’ day already. Hurrah! Labor Day!

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  1. 2009 September 7
    punxxi permalink

    labor unions cooked up this holiday 100 years ago sothat you could labor more and buy jimmy jr a new mafiamobile ;O)

    • 2009 September 9

      A mafiamobile, huh? I assume that like the Pope-mobile, it has bullet-proof windows.

  2. 2009 September 8

    Funnily enough, whenever I see someone who believes in former lives on TV, or read about them in the paper, they always seem to have been an Egyptian princess or similar. Closer to home, my sister-in-law, who believes that she and I knew each other in an earlier life (ho hum), thinks we were nobles…Personally, I think you’re scenario wouldbe closer to the truth.

    As for politics, I’m with you there. You get to an age where everything seems to repeat, and nothing moves forward. Epidemics, threats to national security, economic crises, dangerous dogs and teenage mother/immigration/unemployment statistics come around with predictable regularity.

    It’s hard to feel worked up about it any more, except to conclude (me) that the one disqualifying factor for politicians is the desire to be one.

    • 2009 September 9

      Yep, and I’m avoiding the speech from the Pres. tonight. Bad enough they got that commercial airing right now about the health insurance (breast cancer survivor woman) — caught me by surprise and I couldn’t change the channel fast enough.

  3. 2009 September 8

    That would be “your scenario would be”.

    Also, I hate your word verification – it takes me ages to get it right.

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