All good things must end

2009 September 11

Nothing lasts forever and our vacation is no exception. We talked to the Freightliner earlier this evening and they said that our truck should be finished in the morning. Kinda mixed feelings cause on the one hand we are ready to get our truck back and hit the road, but on the other hand boy this sure has been a nice place to spend some time. Without having a vacation loans, we wouldn’t have experienced this great place. We definitely saved money on this one as the interest rates are low. I will miss this place.

In seven days we never did have a maid knock on the door and bug us. Ok… so I had to go down to the front desk and bring back towels and toilet paper a couple of times, but I can live with that. I do wish that since we paid a $25 deposit for the towels we could have been allowed to have more than one at a time. Stace is wondering if we will have to vacuum the room when we check out. I hope not.

They didn’t have any post cards but I snapped a few pictures that I hope captured the feeling of the place:

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  1. 2009 September 11

    I can see why you would be reluctant to leave – that shot through the barbed wire is pure poetry.

    • 2009 September 12

      Really something that lovely should be one of those things that money can’t buy… but in fact money can buy it… for only $27 a night. :)

  2. 2009 September 11

    Holy crap! Were you THERE at the time of the shooting? FREAKY!

    Hey, how come I still have to do the captcha? Aren’t I ‘registered’? Damn. lol

    • 2009 September 12

      Sadly (or happily depending on your appetite for excitement) we were not there for any gang disputes or drunken examinations of newly purchased firearms. It was very quiet week for us since we were literally the only people on that whole side of the motel.

      I’m not sure if you are registered or not, but feel free to register again if it’s not working. Also you probably have to be “logged in” but I’m not positive on that. Let me know if you can’t get it to work.

  3. 2009 September 11

    i have a question…..that only one towel thingy…..was that one towel each????….or one between the two of you????….lol….if so, then get your scuzzy butts back to work….brad and i can’t keep twmnbn afloat by ourselves!! ps…my captcha is “sniffing there”….lolol….you just can’t make this kinda crap up…..lololol…….

    • 2009 September 12

      Uh… that’s one towel… period. But you know you were welcome to get a clean one once you carried the dirty one up to the lobby and turned it in. Luckily all my t-shirts are 100% cotton and a clean one makes an excellent towel.

      Also lucky that we carry one of those bath sponge things in the shower bag cause they only gave you one wash cloth, too. So every afternoon I had to walk a block up to the lobby and line up with the other one-hair-away-from-being-homeless losers and have my linens checked in so we could all be issued clean ones for the next day… ah… good times. :)

  4. 2009 September 11

    Nice set of pics – I especially like the barbed wire one. Did the company pay for your hotel stay?

    • 2009 September 12

      “Did the company pay for your hotel stay?”


      Oh… LOL!

      Oh my god you are a funny funny woman. Well, seriously, they might if we were willing to fight long and hard enough for it, but you are talking days of arguing and bitching and raising hell. I was amazed when I called Uriah to tell him we had the truck back and he said he was putting us down for “break-down” pay. Stunned.

      And, thanks – I liked the barbed wire ones, too. That was one amazing sunset.

  5. 2009 September 12
    Belledog permalink

    What a pictorial. Glad you too are enthralled by sunset views. Photographing one through barbed wire: priceless. Laughed out loud (not cool, as am reading from a California public library).

  6. 2009 September 12
    Belledog permalink

    Raccoon den, too. A hotel to remember.

    OTOH: you’ve spurred towel sales, or at least people trekking them along to Memphis motels.

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