Hometime high point

2009 September 28
by Hedon

Now we have no internet at home. Well… I guess I shouldn’t say that we have no internet at home because I was able to log on at one point at 24K which I guess technically is internet service… but let’s be honest I’m not going to be online if the best I can do is 24K dial-up. On the bright side  –  oh my goodness  –  do I have a lot to tell about this last home-time. There was laughter. There was drama. There was a life and death struggle against the forces of fate or whatever. There were new socks. So much to tell.

But the high point of the week for me had to be:

LittleOne off to see the elephants

LittleOne off to see the elephants

Our trip to major-nearby-city to spend the day with LittleOne and Chaos. Stace had to go get her fingerprints taken so she can renew her HazMat endorsement when she renews her license next month so we did that then spent the rest of Friday hanging out with the grand kid… and the kid, of course.

Went to the zoo and had a lot of fun. I’m not sure which was a bigger hit: riding the train, riding the carousel, or seeing the elephants. I feel certain that LittleOne told us though since she “talked” constantly.  Unfortunately she is at that stage where — much like most rappers — you can only make out about one word out of twenty.

LittleOne wasn’t too sure about trying the merry-go-round at first, but once I got her up there and the thing started moving she was all over it. I feel fairly sure that she would have been just as happy to spend the rest of the day just switching from animal to animal every time it stopped. We rode four or five times and never got off the thing, but then they closed it down for the day so we had to go look at some animals.

Two thumbs up for the carousel

Two thumbs up for the carousel

As it turned out, by the time we had taken several round-trips on the train, as many whirls on the carousel, and sneaked outside the main gate to smoke, we really only had time to explore one area and stop by the gift-shop before they closed. We sat right outside the gate smoking and looking at the map while trying to decide which area to visit.

The biggest hit from the train  –  based strictly on how many times LittleOne squealed and pointed while yelling “baby” excitedly  –  had been any toddler or infant in a stroller, but we couldn’t very well just follow young children around the zoo the rest of the afternoon. Since it had been the second biggest hit from the train, we decided to head off to the elephant enclosure. The elephants were a big hit. Not as big as children in strollers or anything, but she seemed pretty excited nonetheless.

It's all about the elephants

It's all about the elephants

After hanging out gawking at the elephants for a while it was time to stop by the gift shop and hit the road aka if Grandma Hedon doesn’t get a cigarette soon Fernando is going to go ballistic all up in here and scare all the animals. So off toward the gate we marched. The clear winner in the gift shop was a little elephant backpack which was only about eight million percent over-priced so it was all good and everyone left happy troopers. Sleepy… but happy.

I was kinda jealous of LittleOne after the zoo, but I couldn't nap cause I was driving

I was kinda jealous of LittleOne after the zoo, but I couldn't nap cause I was driving

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  1. 2009 September 30

    Wow – pictures!!! A day at the zoo sounds pretty fun. That grandchild of yours is waayyy gorgeous! I am just so jealous of the hair!

    And pictures of you guys too??? Wow – it’s like Christmas! OK…I’m thinkin’ Hedon is in the orange tee and Stace is in the blue – am I right? Or maybe not, but I thought I remembered something about Hedon having short hair.

    In any case, I’m thrilled to see actual PEOPLE in your photos….well, you guys, really! Now I can narrow down my search – as it is I’ve been looking for people who *might* look like you every time I pass one of your company trucks! :)

    And you can tell the little one had a good time just by that last picture….that’s precisely the way a kid should end their day at the zoo!

    • 2009 October 1

      Yep, Hedon is in orange and I’m in blue. Notice, of course, that Hedon is completely hidden behind the carousel animal, while I’m full body and bent over in what no one, anywhere could think is an attractive pose for a fat woman. Needless to say, it’s obvious Hedon wrote the post and picked the photos.

  2. 2010 October 1

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