Rough week for Ms Mags

2009 September 29
by Hedon

If you read yesterday’s post, you might have noticed that there was lots of talk about our day at the zoo with Chaos and LittleOne.

"Elephants! Or babies! Or both!"

"Elephants! Or babies! Or both!"

You might also have noticed that what you did not read was any mention of Maggie. That would be because puppies aren’t generally welcome at the zoo. And spastic dogs that go crazy with the barking every time they see a strange animal are really really not welcome at the zoo. So Ms Mags had to stay home.

But spastic puppies that freak out when they are left alone and rip your house apart are really really not in favor with the Hags, so Maggie spent the day at the vet. Thursday, when Stace and I spent the afternoon over at her Mom’s, we had left Maggie at home in her crate. But that was only for a couple of hours. We obviously couldn’t leave her in a crate all day Friday. So we called the vet. They do boarding for a small fee and have a pretty decent place to play and stuff so we thought she would be happier there. We were wrong.

According to the ladies at the vet, Maggie barked from the moment we dropped her off until Stace showed up to pick her up Saturday morning. From what we understand, she didn’t even stop barking long enough to eat or sleep. Sigh. When she got home she had completely lost her voice and didn’t get it back for two days. It’s still a little hoarse today.

When she finally got in the house and had explored everywhere to make sure all was as she had left it, Maggie decided to flop down in the recliner with Stace to take a nap. She was so worn out that she couldn’t jump into the chair. Ordinarily that jump is nothing to her, but Saturday all she could do was make little tiny bouncing motions and look up at Stace with a “little help?” expression on her face.

I think she would have slept around the clock Saturday, but that was the day that Gerta, the lady who cleans our house, came. Gerta’s visits are always so exciting that Maggie couldn’t sleep even though she desperately needed to catch some shut eye. We had other company on Sunday and the excitement of loading the truck on Monday so she never did get the chance to catch up on her beauty sleep before we hit the road.

We left the house at 18:00 last night and I don’t think Maggie has been awake 10 minutes at a stretch since we pulled out of the driveway. I figure she’ll be all caught up and ready to cause trouble sometime Thursday or so… just about the time we’re exhausted from running non-stop. Gotta love how that all works out.

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  1. 2009 September 29
    Kate permalink

    I’m actually glad to hear this ( poor Mags though ) because I thought our dog ws the only one that got traumatized by that.

    Mebbe they’re spoiled though, eh? Just a thought?

    • 2009 October 1

      Yeah, I’ve got to admit — seriously spoiled. But I don’t know how to look into that cute little face with those sweet big brown eyes and not spoil her rotten. These dogs seriously know how to work their assets … as do grandchildren. :-)

  2. 2009 September 30
    Belledog permalink

    Maggie is a true beagle, but you knew that. “We are thinking of transitioning to a non-beagle practice”, I was told, years ago, on collecting my cantankerous older beagle from an overnight at the vet’s. Think it was a joke, but the staffer was not laughing …

    • 2009 October 1

      Non-beagle practice. LOL! I’ll tell you what, when I picked her up, I seriously grabbed her and ran before the staff could give me too much hell.

  3. 2009 October 2

    Cute family pics (in both posts), and it’s so nice to see a little of the faces behind the words!

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