Quit making the Hags look bad, Dude!

2009 October 16
by Hedon

Some people simply do not seem to understand the proper use of the 34 hour restart.  :)

A trucker's work is never done.

A trucker's work is never done.

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  1. 2009 October 17

    Yet another fine example of someone that has not learned the fine art of just sitting. I like to think that I have perfected it!

    • 2009 October 20

      Oh yeah — us too! He was up there replacing his running lights first. Then he greased the trailer. Then he polished the wheels and tanks. I mean honestly.

  2. 2009 October 17

    Hey! You are (or were) about 30 minutes or so, North of me. Did you girls miss the horrible vertical rainstorm on Monday? I was trapped in the snarling traffic of Sacramento, up and down I-5 and Hwy 50, during the Tsunami of course.

    And now, I have printed out maps from http://www.mapquest.com and “know” every escape route on the country lanes and will never put myself through that hell again – I can make it from my little town and into any spot in and around the capital, via a two lane road surrounded mostly by cow pastures lol.

    • 2009 October 20

      Thank goodness we did miss it. We ended up delivering in Roseville then hauling butt to LA for an early morning pickup. Wish we could risk driving around on two-lane roads around Sac but the highway patrol frowns on us just picking any old road.

      I never understand though why locals subject themselves to that sort of nightmare. Glad you’re prepared for the next time! :)

      • 2009 October 21

        So that’s why I didn’t encounter ANY trucks on the two lane country roads … the CHP is a little persnickety about having semi’s out enjoying the fresh air and wild flowers?

        On a different subject (kinda), I recently drove to Oregon … going up I-5. To my amazement, trucks get to drive on the shoulder of the highways and roads because of the inclines. And in general, I had the best experience ever while driving those well maintained roads – heck they had highway crews going 24/7 – like a pack of concrete loving beavers! Guess you all know that if you’ve hauled anything through OR, at least through South Western OR, around Grants Pass.

  3. 2009 October 17


  4. 2009 October 20

    Yeah seriously! I mean what’s with all this working on your truck in the truck stops? What ever happened to shutting down at the end of the day and watching porn all night?

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