Random thoughts

2009 November 4
by Stace

Since I’m in too much of a state, and not fit to write anything coherent, I figured I’d just post some thoughts that are popping into my head right now.

* I want to quit TWMNBN so badly, it’s like … it’s like … crap … as I said — not very coherent. I just fucking want to quit these assholes period.

* If I don’t get home tonight, a day and a half past when I was supposed to be home, and an ungodly amount of boobery in between … where was I … oh yeah … If I don’t get home tonight, I will freaking lose my mind.

* Maggie is cute.

* This truck stinks. Both literally and figuratively.

* We had great barbecue tonight — Kansas City style. Good stuff. And amazingly, we didn’t eat that much, in spite of the most huge amount of provocation to overeat that one could imagine.

* Surely I have lost weight this month. While I haven’t been perfect, I’ve been pretty damned good. Especially considering the circumstances.

* The circumstances are that I have not been this tired and angry and completely overwhelmed with the desire to quit this career, since my first six months on the road. And my first six months on the road were truly awful. Only debt kept me driving. I have no debt now. So why the hell am I still driving? No jobs at home. That’s why.

* I really, really, really hope I’ve lost weight. I need some good news today.

* Hedon is cute.

* God, I’ve got a ton of laundry to do when I get home.

* I wonder why I continue in a job which pays me as if I’m some child garment worker in Indonesia. Hours upon hours of work, for little to nothing. Because TWMNBN says so. You don’t get a load that pays until you offer up your hours of unpaid labor.

* Uriah may be as much a victim of this economy as we, or he may just be an asshole liar who sucks up to the Man no matter what it costs his drivers. Probably the latter.

* Maggie has a funny big belly.

* I have a big belly, but it’s not so funny.

* I hope I’ve lost weight. Even just five pounds after six weeks would make me happy. Come on, scales. Momma needs a fiver.

* I can’t think of anything.

* Except, God I want to quit this job so bad it’s like … like … like … oh crap.

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  1. 2009 November 5
    limericc permalink

    Hang in there. Yes, they are idiots that for now you have to put up with….. just breathe.
    You have lost 8 lbs is my guess! Thats more than me. After a day or two at home you’ll laugh at their stupidity. Enjoy your time off.

    • 2009 November 7

      Well, I’m not laughing yet. But it might happen soon. Any time now. I am most definitely enjoying my time off, thanks.

  2. 2009 November 5
    Chaos permalink

    Kiddo and I just wanted to tell you that we love you, and that we are sure you have lost weight, at least 10 lbs. Have a good hometime, and be good to yourself. You deserve it!! xoxo

  3. 2009 November 6

    I know you work in a truck not an office, but when I got sooo freaking bored at work, I got through the rough patch by listening to (well written) free online novels – most can be downloaded in mp3 for too (to put on CD). You can also take the author name and google a term like “Agatha Christie free download” to find a site that provides free text and/or audio.

    Try this place … there are free text to read online plus most have a lovely robotic version that reads the story to you. For example, Arther Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) and Jules Verne … there are amazing stories that both of these guys wrote, and then Hollywood borrowed heavily from their imaginations and plots.


    p.s. I got used to the Robotic voice because it’s better (in my opinion) than the awful, awful “readers” from contemporary audio books.

    • 2009 November 7

      I tried the robotic voice stuff, but I couldn’t adjust to it. I do love the audiobooks, to be sure. I have a subscription to Audible.com, and they have many sales which have allowed us to pick up a load of books on the cheap, including a large number of fine classic literature. I recently listened to “Middlemarch” by George Elliot. Loved it. Many of these classics, which originated at Blackstone Audiobooks, have wonderful readers, like Nadia May and Frederick Davidson.

      I appreciate Project Gutenberg, particularly when it comes to e-books. I have a number of them on my Kindle. The only problem I get into is that some of them have so many typos, it becomes highly distracting. One book by a favorite, P.G. Woodhouse, a Jeeves novel, was incredlibly poorly done and had typos on every line. I could barely finish it. I hope they eventually get the time and volunteers to go through some of these books and make the necessary corrections.

      That said, I picked up the complete works of William Shakespeare last week for about $2 for the Kindle. Amazing deal, and likely originates from Project Gutenberg scans. And if it’s full of typos, I’d probably never know it. ;-)

      • 2009 November 7

        I’ll have to try out Audible.com, thanks for the tip, I would love to find a good source that has quality readers. I just started a job with a very long commute and wasn’t sure if the Robotic Voice route would work – that is the level of desperation that I faced at my old job …soooo deadly boring that I embraced the Robot-from-Hell.

  4. 2009 November 7

    I hear you! Never thought in terms of child labor in Indonesia, but you are exactly right. All they want is ALL OUR TIME. Which, bottom line, is ALL WE HAVE.

    You are at the point when I would turn off the Qualcomm, put it under a pillow (the volume doesn’t go all the way off) and sleep until I woke up on my own. Load is gonna be late? Oh well, them’s the breaks.

    Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

    You will lose 10 pounds this month. And damn it, that Maggie is cute!

    • 2009 November 7

      I try to be a bad girl, Decorina, and simply tell them the load’s going to be late. I really, really try. I fantasize about it, even. But I just can’t do it. Damn, it’s annoying. I think, some days, Hedon would love to thump me on the head because of it. No, that’s not true. I’m POSITIVE that Hedon would love to thump me on the head.

      This next time out, I am going to have to start demanding time between loads. I can’t face another four or five weeks like the last one. I do not want to work 60-70 hours a week. They are going to have to deal with that. Of course, I’ll probably let Hedon tell them that. Geez.

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