Nineteen years!

2010 February 15
by Hedon

Can you believe today is Stace’s and my 19th anniversary?! Sure doesn’t seem possible that it’s been that long. Doesn’t seem like we’re old enough for that unless we got together when we were 7 or something. :)

And at the same time, it seems like we’ve been together forever. I honestly can’t imagine my life without her — the picture gets all fuzzy and out of focus. Life sure wouldn’t have been a fraction of the fun it’s been without her there by my side. I know couples grow up over the years and things change. Some of them grow apart but I can honestly say that I enjoy her company more today than I did back when we were kids. I am a lucky lucky Butch.

So what did I decide to buy my bride of 19 years for our anniversary? The same thing she wanted to get me:

HagMobile... better than a box of sugar-free diabetic chocolates? Yes!

HagMobile... better gift than a box of sugar-free diabetic chocolates? Yes!

Yup, that’s the potential new HagMobile in the flesh. It looks black in the photo but it’s supposed to be a really dark blue. Nothing is settled yet since they sent us a group of pictures and we could see right away from the photos that the truck didn’t have an upper bunk. Sigh. That was one of the first things I asked him since that is a must-have on our list of specs. He had told me he thought it did but come to find out he was mistaken. So he is now having one installed by his guys.

I was also planning on having him take off the fancy-pants chrome bumper with all the chicken lights and replacing it with a Plain Jane bumper since all those lights cause a tiny drag on the alternator and will decrease your fuel mileage slightly. I’ve never been a chrome-type person anyway. But… the more I look at it the more I think it doesn’t look that bad after all. As a matter of fact, I kinda think I like the look of the chrome one, and I doubt if those little tiny lights would really make that big a difference in our fuel mileage anyway. Good god what’s happening to me?!

Well, whatever we decide on the bumper, when he’s done making changes to the truck, he is going to take it over to the local Detroit to have the Dyno done for us. That should tell us what kind of shape the engine is in right now. Then we will head down there and take it to the Freightliner ourselves to have them go over the truck with a fine-toothed comb.

If everything checks out we will be good to go. Except for the actual purchase, that is. God, I’m dreading that. Stace and I are not wheeler-dealer type people. I know that there are probably guys who could walk into that office, offer him $5,000 cash, a non-running 1978 Honda TwinStar bike, the “actual” cb mic that Jerry Reed used in “Smokey and the Bandit” and $278 worth of coupons for I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter and walk out with a 2006 Pete with 300k miles on it. I’m not that guy. And Stace is even worse than I am. The whole idea of haggling practically gives her hives.

The last vehicle we bought was in 1989 when she bought the Trooper. Basically we took it for a test drive, decided it was the one and said she’d take it. Our one big victory was telling the salesman there was no way she was paying $800 for “undercoating” and getting that taken off the invoice price. Oh, and we also got them to throw in a no-cost full-sized wheel and tire for the spare instead of the donut that was standard. Stunning victories, huh? Haven’t bought a vehicle since. Sigh. That doesn’t exactly build confidence in our wheeling and dealing skills.

So my plan of attack is to get it really checked out carefully at the Freightliner and take a list of everything they find wrong with the truck with me to the salesman. It’s supposed to already be DOTed so hopefully they will just repair everything that needs to be fixed on-site before we take delivery. I guess another option would be for them to drop the price so that we could have it fixed ourselves. Either one would work I suppose.

Oh, and another thing, I ran the VIN through CarFax and found out the truck was in a “minor” wreck in New Jersey in 2005. Couldn’t find out any details about the wreck though. I did notice that the reman was done about four months after the wreck. Also, he sent me the copy of the paperwork for the in-line and, according to the paperwork, the engine only has about 130k miles on it  –  not the 300k he originally told us it had. So it seems like the truck has only driven about 130k miles in the past 4.5 years. That does tend to give weight to his original story that a local old man owned it, rebuilt the engine, bought a new tranny and clutch, got sick and couldn’t drive it much the past three years, and finally sold it to the dealer in the fall. Not sure what bearing all of this should have — if any — on our final decision concerning proper purchase price though.

One possible ray of hope is that I found out the same sales lot has a trailer we might be interested in buying. I sent him an email mentioning this and asked what kind of deal he could give us if we bought both at the same time. The trailer price is slightly higher than I was looking to spend, but if we could get both the tractor and trailer in good shape from the same place that would be awesome. Also, I’m hoping if we buy both I can get him to cut us a deal on the trailer since I know for a fact that it has been sitting on their lot for quite a while.

So anyway here’s where everything stands at the moment:

  • Still madly in love with the same old woman.
  • Thinking the potential HagMobile looks a hell of a lot better than I expected for the price.
  • Wondering if I’m actually becoming attracted to chrome after all these years.
  • Hoping the Detroit and Freightliner don’t find anything too dreadful during their inspections.
  • Furiously clipping I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter coupons in case I suddenly sprout the wheeler-dealer gene.
  • Dreading the actual purchase like it’s a root-canal and colonoscopy all rolled into one.
  • Thinking diabetic chocolates would have been a lot less stressful… but also a lot less fun.  :)
7 Responses
  1. 2010 February 16

    Congratulations on all counts – especially the big 19!

    And the truck too!

    Love you both!

  2. 2010 February 16
    Belledog permalink

    Happy Anniversary!! The truck looks awesome. Cannot wait to hear some more stories from you once you are mobile again.

    It’s amazing the changes you two have made in the past year. You inspire.

  3. 2010 February 16

    What kind of hags can’t haggle??? WTF?

    Congratulations on 19 years. That is fabulous – I love hearing about people that stay in love for a long time! Way to go both of you – you were meant for each other.

    That is a beautiful truck. And I think you should leave the chrome and chicken lights. Cluck Cluck. Really nice truck.

    Love to you both!

  4. 2010 February 16
    punxxi permalink

    Congrats on the anniversary, just had one myself on the 11th.
    I hope te truck is the trck of your dreams..maybe you can get someone go haggle with you, someone that is very good at it.

  5. 2010 February 16
    limericc permalink

    Congrats on the 19 years. That is wonderful, a great accomplishment. I especially loved the gact that you enjoy being together more now than in the beginning. I feel the same way about my wife.
    Keep the bumper and the lights, they look “way cool”.
    Use that trailer as your bargaining chip… YOU CAN DO IT.
    I’m so excited for you two.

  6. 2010 February 16

    Congratulations on the Anniversary and the almost-got-it-dream-truck. I wish you both (and Maggie) many, many happy years and miles.

  7. 2010 February 17

    Congratulations!!!! Mostly for the 18 years….haggling for a new truck isn’t nearly as as much of a challenge as staying with one person for 18 years is!

    I like the chrome bumper and the lights – I’m thinking I’m all about the bling lately as I really want to add MORE lights to our truck.

    And I have to ask – why MUST you have the top bunk? In our old truck, Eddie had taken the top bunk out (before I ever even met him) and put in a wall/shelving unit to hold all his stuff – with the condo roof, it was like a palace inside with all the headroom! I’m just wondering if you use that area for storage….or if you needed it for the actual bed.

    I like the dark blue color a LOT! I’ll be checking back to see what happens in the ongoing HagSaga.

    Again – congratulations to both of you and Happy Anniversary!!

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