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2010 March 4
by Hedon

We are up in Kansas City… PICKING UP OUR NEW TRUCK!!

That’s right folks… the quest is finally over. Financing is arranged, approved and signed.  Truck is awesome looking. Dyno was great. BlowBy almost nothing. This is a done deal and the truck will be in our driveway tomorrow night.

In the end, we punked out and decided to go for a newer truck with a warranty. There is something highly attractive about buying an old… really old… truck and getting into the whole deal for next to nothing. But when you start looking at the constant repair bills you’re facing and all the down-time that goes along with that, a newer truck that costs more up-front starts looking much better. Besides, we both find warranties to be very sexy. We were hoping to find a Century or Columbia in the 2005 or 2006 range with about 600k miles on it.

So we called around when we got back from OKC and started talking to this guy in Kansas City. And he has been awesome to work with on getting this deal put together. At first we didn’t think anyone would want to finance us because we have literally no credit history as far as purchasing things, and that is important, I read at I mean we have really good credit card credit scores, but we bought the house from a family member and bought the vehicles so long ago that they don’t count for crap. With mobile deposit, it is really easy to manage my finances and easy to plan to buy the next vehicle. So we might as well have been a couple of 18-year-old kids as far as the financing companies see it. Add to that the fact that we’re first time owner-operators and the crap really starts hitting the fan. The only thing we have going for us is we’re both experienced drivers. Even OOIDA was telling us that we were going to need 30% down and that we should expect to pay about 16 to 17 percent interest on the loan. Hell, we figured out that we could just put the damned truck on a credit card and pay less interest. Sigh. That was pretty much a downer, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Then Shawn went to work for us and found us a great deal. Only required 15% down payment and only charged 13% interest on the balance. Plus, he and Angela got us financed for a much newer truck than we had dared to hope for with far fewer miles and with great big kick-ass warranties. Yet they still managed to keep the payments exactly in the range we were looking for.

So here’s the low-down on the new truck:

  • 2007 Freightliner Century with 427k miles
  • Detroit 60 Series 14L @ 515 horsepower with opti-idle (not too sure about that opti-idle business but we plan to get an apu as soon as we can so no big deal)
  • 13 speed OD EatonFuller tranny and 3.42 ratio
  • 229″ wheelbase w/ 4 airbag suspension
  • All aluminum wheels with 22.5LP virgin tires
  • Dual 150 gallon fuel tanks (woohoo!)
  • Dual exhaust
  • Dual chain hangers already installed
  • Chrome gauges (whatever)
  • Fancy-pants two-toned paint job (too fancy for us, but great at scale houses since fancier-pantsier trucks tend to get the green light more often than the duct-taped hoopty trucks)
  • 3 year/300k mile drive-train warranty (serious woohoo!)
  • 1 year/100k most everything on the truck warranty (double serious woohoo!)

We are very happy campers right now. I was telling Stace that, if this truck turns out to be as good over time as we hope it will, I don’t ever plan to buy a truck from anyone but Shawn. He, and Angela his finance guru, have really worked overtime to get us in a good truck with a good deal and make us happy with the whole experience. I suppose we might have gotten a better deal if we had kept looking, but I feel pretty dang satisfied with the deal we got and needless to say I am thrilled that the search is finally — at long last — over. Maybe now Fernando can think about something other than trucks all day every day. Like trailers for example… now we need a trailer.

Here’s a couple of pics of the new and improved HagMobile:

Fancy, huh?

Fancy, huh? No need to pull that looker behind the scale house, Officer Fife.

Pretty standard Freightliner

Pretty standard Freightliner look

Okay... not generally a huge fan of the blue bunk but in this case I'm willing to make an exception

Okay... not generally a huge fan of the blue bunk but in this case I'm willing to make an exception and really learn to love all that blue

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  1. 2010 March 4

    Congrats on the new purchase! Just stumbled across your blog yesterday, but I’m enjoying it.

  2. 2010 March 4

    I’ve got to admit I’m relieved to see y’all buy something like this – newer and with a warranty. Sounds like a good one – you’ll like the thirteen. IIRC you’ve never driven one much before? Normally, you’ll only split the top or top two gears, but it’s nice to have the flexibility in the mountains fer sure.

    Good deal with the terms, too. The one year 100k warranty is great – that is the one you’ll be more likely to use. Do you know who had it before?

    I like it! Good luck and wear well!

  3. 2010 March 4

    I think that’s an awesome deal. And I like the color – very royal and adventurous.

    You have now earned the titles of “autocarrum dominicum.” lol

  4. 2010 March 5
    punxxi permalink

    See? that was why the other truck was a piece of crappola, now you have one to love. Are you going to paint it? Are you looking for a reefer? Has Ms. Maggie seen it yet? questions questions questions!

  5. 2010 March 5
    limericc permalink

    Yee, HAAAAAA.
    Congrats Ladies, way to go.
    Sounds like a great new ride.
    Looking forward to hearing about all the new adventures. Time to start determining the name for this lovely new beast. Perhaps Hope?

  6. 2010 March 6

    Sweet! Way to go Hags!

  7. 2010 March 8

    Thanks for all the congrats. It looks fabulous in our driveway! I was out there cleaning on it, even though it’s been detailed, because … well … I guess because it’s mine. Ha! Hedon’s been online shopping for the stuff we want to put in it. It will be exciting once that stuff is installed. Now, if we could only figure out what this weird little box is next to the driver’s seat. A mystery. Love it.

  8. 2010 March 9
    limericc permalink

    Where are the pictures? Lets see the new girl.

  9. 2010 March 9
    limericc permalink

    When are you hitting the road?

  10. 2010 March 10

    Those are pretty much all the pics we’ve got right now. Haven’t got anything moved in yet. Have to install things first, like the inverter and the fridge, which we haven’t even ordered yet. We were talking about putting in a new driver’s seat, but after checking out the prices, YIKES! We’ll be waiting on that for a while.

    Also, we’ve got to wait on the plates, and we really need to move on getting a trailer. Ack! So much to do! No idea when we’ll actually hit the road. At this rate, June? LOL. Not really. Surely before the end of March. Don’t want to go broke before we even get started. :-)

  11. 2010 March 10
    Belledog permalink

    It’s beautiful! Sounds like you two did very well on the deal, and you three will be riding in style, comfort and safety. Good luck with getting it ready to roll.

  12. 2010 March 10

    I must have missed a lot because what the hell happened to your other truck? Didn’t you get a new one last year? I searched and searched your site and can’t find any post on what happened to it! Uhhhh. I must visit more often.

    • 2010 March 11

      The new truck we got last year was a company-owned truck, provided to us by the company we worked for. This truck we just got is ours … all ours. We bought it. No more being company drivers. We will be leasing onto a company though, at first. But it’s our truck now, and we’ll be calling the shots on a number of things we had no control over before. We hope this will make us ridiculously happy … or at any rate, satisfied.

  13. 2010 March 11

    Suh-weeeeet ride!!

  14. 2010 March 11

    Thanks, Belledog and Blondie!

  15. 2010 March 13

    I love it!!! Great color too…it’s not really a regular blue and I like that.

    Your “cockpit” is exactly like ours!!! I think we have a few more gauges but I don’t even know what they do, so they could not even be there as far as I’m concerned! LOL

    Can’t wait to find out what the mystery box is. And oh, if I may make a suggestion…while you are shopping to outfit the truck, do your best to search high and low for cups/mugs that will fit those cup holders. It’s been a bitch finding them and we’ve discovered that anything too tall (most normal cups), tip over. And the base is an odd size. Other than that, the only issue I have with the cupholder is that it’s near impossible to see OR tune the radio when a cup is in it. Surely a man designed it.

    Anyway…best of luck with everything!!! We are very excited for you!! What a great new venture!

  16. 2011 February 27

    hi, new to the site, thanks.

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