Can you hear me now?

2011 October 21
by Hedon

Have been thinking for several weeks that I would like to post over here again. So I thought I’d see if the old girl still works…

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  1. 2011 October 21

    Well looks like the posting works. How about the comments?

  2. 2011 October 21

    Your RSS feed still works, too! Good to see y’all are alive and kicking – I’d asked Salena about you some time ago. It would have been bad if I’d have had to come looking for ya! Hah!

  3. 2011 October 21
    ruth ann & brad permalink

    hey there!! look who’s back!..good to see ya in the blogosphere!!

  4. 2011 October 21

    Are my eyes working?? Have you posted?? Oh. My. God. Yes, it works and yes, we’re still here!!

    What’s been going on? Fill us in!

    And please don’t tease us….my heart is weak. :)

  5. 2011 October 28

    Hi guys!

    Didn’t figure anyone would still be around the old place! Stace and I are doing pretty good. It’s been a fairly tough time of it, but things are looking up now. Maybe I’ll post a little about it sometime.

    At any rate, it’s nice to see you guys.


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