Lights. Camera. Action!

2012 September 22
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by Hedon

Overheard on the phone in the truck:

Hedon: You know Billy Joe Bob and Betty Lou? [friends of ours who also happen to be truckers]

Stace: Obviously.

Hedon: Well! I was talking to Betty Lou the other day and they may be doing a tv show.

Stace: Really? That’s great! They would be great for a tv show. What kind of show is it?

Hedon: They don’t know. Right now they’re just in the talking with the producers phase and taking some test footage to see if they can work something out.

Stace: Well I hope it works out for them. Did it make you regret not pursuing it when those women contacted us and wanted us to do a show?

Hedon: Nah. That’s not exactly our thing.

Stace: Not at all.

Hedon: Unless…. What if they had offered us an insane amount of money? I mean what if they had been willing to pay us like $300,000 a year?

Stace: Ugh. I still wouldn’t have wanted to do it. Being filmed all the time. No privacy. That is seriously not for me.

Hedon: Not me! For $300,000 a year they could film me all day every day driving around wearing nothing but boxer-briefs. I wouldn’t even run loads anymore. Oh sure it would be uncomfortable in the beginning but after the first couple of checks started rolling in I bet I would get right into the swing of things.

Stace: Why in the hell would they want to film you driving around in your underwear?

Hedon: I don’t know. Maybe there’s a group of girly-girl lesbians out there with a weird fetish about great big raggedy diesel dykes who drive their semi-trucks around all the time in their underwear. You can never tell about lesbians.

Stace:   ….

Hedon:  ….

Stace: I don’t seem to have a response to that.

Hedon: So can I do it?

Stace: Yes. Yes you can. If a television production company calls you up out of the blue and offers you $300,000 a year to film you driving around all day in your underwear to titillate super-femme lesbians you have my blessing. Go for it.

Hedon: Excellent.

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  1. 2012 September 22
    Belledog permalink

    Aha. Wondering if you just spilled the beans about a change in the air. Mysteriousness has been afoot.

    Always great to find a new Hagspost. Best always to you, Stace and Maggie. (Maggie picture, please.)

    Fall is a great season for blogging.


    • 2012 September 24

      You know me I can neither confirm nor deny the changes that may or may not be in the air for friends that may or may not exist outside of my mind…

      Will try to hunt up some more recent pics of Ms Mags if I can find them.

  2. 2012 September 23

    Great to see a post pop up in my reader from y’all!

    I don’t think being gay is a requirement for driving around in one’s underwear for large amounts of money for a television audience. I tell ya what, I’d even drive around in a thong for that kind of money! I’d shave my head and cover myself with peanut butter if that’s what it took!

    • 2012 September 24

      Hey Jeffro! I hear you. $300,000 a year is a ton of money. As a matter of fact, I’ll see your thong and peanut butter and I’ll raise you a coconut bra and tattoo of Bea Arthur on my right ass cheek….

  3. 2012 September 28
    Belledog permalink

    Happy Friday.

    Hedon: how goes that e-book? And plz update us on what you guys are doing, overall.

    Take it the truck no longer is landscaping? Are you more often doing OTR or regional work?

    I am getting ready to give the world of trucking another go, after the first of the year, economy willing. Look out world.

    So thrilled to see the Hags back, even sporadically, and please don’t be strangers.

    Last: am enjoying a young adult book. You might like it on tape:

    The extraordinary education of Nicholas Benedict, by Trenton Lee Stewart

    The usual enterprising orphan with special powers and unusual challenges, making his way through a down on its heels orphanage, and eluding the usual creeps (The Spiders gang of bullies).

    Really, really good so far.

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