Just some stuff we thought you might enjoy.

Trucker Talk — ever wonder what the heck we’re talking about? This probably won’t explain what we were thinking, but at least it will keep you up to date on the lingo. A handy-dandy trucker’s terms dictionary for your convenience.

Cargo — people are always asking us what we have been hauling. Now we can just point them to this page which lists all of the more interesting items we’ve hauled lately.

Our Favorite Blogs –  these are the Blogs that one or the other or possibly both of us read every day… well every day that we have an internet connection.

Great Trucking Blogs –  think we’re the only crazy drivers out here living in a closet and hauling toilet paper across the country at breakneck speeds for about the same money we could make at McDonalds? You’d be wrong. Check out these trucking blogs for a sneak peek into the lives of more diesel jockeys.

Funny Blogs –  you know I love me a good laugh. These are some good ones.