People are always asking us what we hauled recently. Ok so mostly friends and family not strangers so much. Since our posts include where we are and our About the Hags page includes relatively accurate artist’s renditions of us, it wouldn’t be safe to post our cargo real time. And we’re all about the security. So here’s a handy little list of the interesting things we’ve hauled lately. And the not-so-interesting.

Lightbulbs  **  Dinner napkins  **  Blackberries (the pda variety not the tasty tasty pie variety)  **  Paper rolls  **  Clothes  **  Armour plating for military vehicles **  Floor tiles  **  Restaurant chairs **  Dennis Oppenheim’s Safety Cone art exhibit to Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park (very cool)  **  Bathroom cleaner  **  Carpet  **  Bottled water  **  Giant 6,500lb rolls of paper  **  Spaghetti sauce  **  Ball caps  **  More clothes  **  Empty beer kegs (about 15 of which fell out when I opened the doors and would have brained me if I stood in front of the doors when I open them — luckily that wasn’t my first rodeo)  **  Weird chemicals  **  DVDs  **  More floor tiles  **  Pet food  **  Macy’s Christmas paper bags  **  Flour  **  Spices  **  Drain pipes  **  Tires  **  Car parts  **  Cell phones  ** Forklift parts ** Paint ** Footstools, or ottomans if you want to be fancy about it ** Salt licks ** Sinks and bathtubs

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  1. 2009 August 29
    Truckergrove permalink

    Seems to me you haul pretty much the same as I use too. I can add Computers, Bulk milk, Heavy plant, Aircraft fuselage and a Power station transformer with a gross weight of 218 tons 436,000 pounds. But I’d be remiss not to mention Hazardous material like Ammo and Explosives or the more mundane stuff like Furniture, Beds, Dry goods, Fresh vegetables, Frozen meat, Dirt, Sand, Mercury, Steel , Scrap metal and 80’ concrete beams…. You know what it’s like the list is endless especially have tramped the roads for 40 years

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