Our Blog Favs

These are the Blogs that one or the other or possibly both of us read every day… well every day that we have an internet connection. They are listed below in no particular order. You can’t go wrong checking any of them out:

The Daily Rant Follow Salena and Eddie around as they deliver freight all over the lower 48 and Canada. Salena’s writing is sure to make you laugh out loud and will probably have you falling for either her or Eddie (or possibly both) in short order. As an added bonus, her frequent photos from the road are simply stunning.

Decorina and Skylar Decorina is part truck driver, part decorator and part political activist. Skylar is all adorable. Personally, I credit Decorina with the fact that Obama took Colorado. Her Blog is lots of fun, well written and it’s informative… and I don’t mean that fake-informative made-up crap that you read around here. When I want to know what’s going on in the world, she’s one of my first stops.

The Cusp MongolianGirl and Hellbilly are almost our neighbors from the next holler over. They just feel like home. It’s not often that you wander across someone in cyber-space that you would seriously invite over to the house in real life, but MongolianGirl and HellBilly are a couple of them. Go on over to The Cusp and check them out. You’ll love sharing glimpses of their lives through MongolianGirl’s excellent writing.

Smoke Signalz Finally Hellbilly is dipping his big toe into the pool! WooHoo! He just started out so there’s not a lot to read yet but what he has is fun and if you’ve been reading over at The Cusp then you know that Hellbilly is someone you would like to know better. If you go on over now you can get in on the ground floor. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing… oh not as good as lizard sex I suppose… but still pretty good. Check him out.

The Wry Writer Alex over at the Wry Writer is a hell of an author, a great photographer and every body’s favorite Canadian. Also, she appears to make booze-filled Christmas cakes… what’s not to love? I’d think twice about following her makeup tips though.

Renal Failure OK… I know that renal failure — the medical condition – is a very sad and serious problem for many people and should be treated in the serious manner that it deserves. And I would be able to do that better if Renal Failure — The Blog – wasn’t absolutely one of the funniest blogs out there and one of my personal favorites. Damn… that gang over there is just laugh out loud funny every single day.

Blanca DeBree Blog A lot of sources out there try to make politics humorous. Blanca makes them wet-your-pants-and-snort-diet-coke-out-your-nose humorous. Seriously. My favorite political blog hands down. If you have some time to devote to laughing and holding your sides, start reading her site from about October ’08.

Ma Vie Folle Which means My Crazy Life is Sheila’s Blog all about her crazy life complete with husband, three teens, and two dogs. She calls her site a cross between Roseanne and the Gilmore Girls and I’d say that about nails it… sometimes touching, sometimes extremely funny, always entertaining. Also since you might miss it I’ll point out that she has a kick-ass list of completely useless facts that I thoroughly enjoyed. Drop by Sheila’s and say hi — you’ll enjoy your stay.